3 Must-Have Bedroom And Living Room Storage Organizers 

3 Must-Have Bedroom And Living Room Storage Organizers 

Messy bedrooms and living rooms lose impact instantly no matter the classy interiors. Which is why you must have worthy storage organizers that can be used to keep all items in a specific place. Besides, storage organizers give the rooms neat and tidy appearance too. Some such living room and bedroom organizers available at best prices at living.ca are listed below.


  1. Lockable Jewelry Mirror Cabinet Floor Standing Wooden Cosmetic Storage Organizer

This artistic, white-colored, bedroom organizer is best for storing jewelry, cosmetics, watches, and other accessories. It has a mirror front, 2 protective jewelry drawers at the bottom of the inside of the organizer, 6 shelves, and both the jewelry drawers are provided with locks. The inside of the drawer has a black fiber lining so that your accessories do not develop scratches. There is also an adjustable knob that can be used to adjust the tilt angle as per your comfort. You can also use this closet to store cosmetics.

  1. Folding Storage Ottoman Foot Rest Stool Poly Linen Organizer

This is a multi-purpose ottoman.

  • You can keep it on the floor close to the sofa in the living room as use it to rest your foot.
  • You can sit on top of it since it has a foam padding.

The inside of the ottoman can be used to store toys, craft accessories, remote controls, chargers, newspapers, and magazines. Precisely, it is a multipurpose storage organizer that can also be used for the bedrooms.

  1. DIY Plastic Portable Wardrobe Closet Organizer Storage Shelving Cabinet 12-Cube – SortWise™

What’s better than a closet organizer for tidying up the bedroom and storing all essentials in the best possible way? Practically, nothing. And one such closet that can be purchased at best prices from living.ca is, the Plastic Portable Wardrobe Closet Organizer Storage Shelving Cabinet 12-Cube – SortWise™.

This 12-cube bedroom closet is made of PP plastic that is strong enough to support 22 lbs of weight in every cube. Every cube has a small opening that keeps the closet breathable. It comes with an instruction manual that guides you through the assembling procedure that’s very simple. Besides, you can assemble the closet in any way that you desire. The sections can be used for hanging clothes and storing folded clothes, bedsheets, shoes, and also books. The cubes are waterproof and rust-proof; hence, can be cleaned with plain water. Also, the edges of the frame of all cubes are fitted with ABS connectors that help in swiftly opening and closing the doors.

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