5 Sharp Home Improvement Suggestions for Autumn

Summer is coming to an end. Holidays are over and suitcases are getting packed away, and the next school term looms on the horizon. This is the usual time to start thinking about getting one’s home ready for winter.

This year is shaping up as another busy one for home improvement projects. It’s time to turn vague ideas into concrete plans and from thence into tangible improvements. Looking for inspiration? Consider these five ever-popular home improvements:

1) Make a Statement With Your Entrance

Few simple projects do more for your home’s kerb appeal and first impression value than upgrading your home’s entrance. Installing a new front door is an easy and effective way to modernise your property’s look at make a new statement on your sense of style. Your material options are vast:

  • Wood: Incredibly durable and timeless
  • uPVC: Strong, secure, minimal maintenance requirements
  • Aluminium: Sleek and super-modern
  • Glass-reinforced polyester (GRP): Long-lasting and energy-efficient

Homeowners now have a splendid range of colours and styles to pick from. No matter what image you want to project, you can find a door to help! Express your personal aesthetic tastes. Just remember to bear security, durability, and energy efficiency in mind when you make your final selection.

2) Upcycle for Chic on the Cheap

If you’re making a significant stylistic upgrade, you may find yourself with some furnishings that are simply too worn out to fit into your future plans. Before you consider replacement, try upcycling! Gather inspiration from online sources like Pinterest and collect more situational advice from your local DIY store. Experiment with new finishes like chalk paint and change out fittings and hardware to bring new life to old furniture by expert furniture restorers like Abbey Group.

3) Modernise Your Colour Palette

Every year brings a new crop of outstanding colour trends to the world of interior decoration. Don’t settle for something bland like magnolia when you can redefine your living spaces with bolder choices! Let your home be your canvas and express yourself. Update your bedroom with soothing new shades or turn your dining room into a conversation starter for your next Christmas gathering. Paint projects strike a wonderful balance between overall simplicity and dramatic impact. They’re also a great first step towards a more all-encompassing renovation.

4) Warm Things Up for Winter

As nights start growing longer, turn your attention to comfort and cosiness. You can set the stage for more comfortable and intimate gatherings in your living room by adding a log burner. This is an addition that’s both practical and trendy. For a bigger investment and a bigger efficiency impact, consider upgrading to double or triple-glazed windows this year. High-efficiency windows are available in uPVC, aluminium, and wood. Colour choices are virtually limitless. Whether you’re aiming for contemporary modernity or timeless tradition you can easily find windows to suit. Tweak the look of your home inside and out by picking out the perfect window furniture. Remember that you have options to consider with the glazing itself, too.

5) Grow Your Home

Colder weather consigns your family to more indoor time. If previous winters have made it clear that you’re running short of indoor space, it’s time to consider a bigger home. Before you take the extreme step of shopping for a new property, look at your full range of options for your existing one. Can you solve your space needs with an extension, conservatory, or orangery?

This year, make your home less cramped and more civilised by picking out some smart home improvement projects. You are in total control of how your home is enhanced and upgraded; identify your most pressing needs and start planning out the perfect projects to meet them! A few wisely-chosen projects now could increase your comfort significantly for many years to come.

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