5 Signs of Building Defects Home Buyers should look for

5 Signs of Building Defects Home Buyers should look for

Buying a new home is such an exciting time. Whether you are first time buyers or are already on the property ladder, there is much to consider before purchasing your new house.

It is important to look for flaws or to be more precise, constructional defects, of any home you are seriously considering buying.

The seller may have tried to cover up the defects so that your unprofessional eye misses potential problems.

This is why a building inspection is essential, whether you are in Newcastle, Perth, Alice or Tenterfield, it is a must.

Below are some of the defects to keep an eye out for.

Floors and Footing

Floors may have cracks or there can be spaces within the tiles. Now, here as a buyer, you have to be aware because sometimes sellers try to hide these flaws, using a newly spread rug, etc.

If the floor happens to made of concrete, then look for signs of dampening.

Try checking it with your feet, and even jump over the floor, to check whether it’s in a good condition or not.

The stumps and footing of your house will need to be checked to ensure they do not need replacing. Often these can be tricky to access, so leave this up to the experts to check and give their opinion on the footing.


Damaged roofing will lead to leakages and potentially extensive damage.

The roof and guttering are not easily accessible but you can usually tell the condition of guttering by taking a walk around the outside of the house. Take note of any blocked or damaged guttering.


With the roof there can be potential problems of cracking, these cracks will vary in size.


Therefore, it is advised that for such problems you should call a professional who will check the roof properly. He will share his report with you so that you can make an informed decision.

Electrical Wiring

Bad wiring and connections in the building may be faulty and prove to be a risk to the overall safety of the building. It is important you, as the buyer, know about any loose, hanging wires and malfunctioning switches, etc. so that these can be replaced.

Apart from that, it is also important to have a proper fire security system. Proper functioning smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are necessary inside the house.

They must be properly checked and installed in the right place. If not so, then you have to inform the seller about their absence and make sure that the necessary action is taken.

Drainage and Sewerage

The last thing you want when you move into a new house is to have problems with your drainage and sewerage system.

Ask the agent selling the house if they know any history relating to the system so you have a rough idea of the age and any recent work that may have been done.

Termite damage

When testing if a house is structurally sound, it is tested for any termite damage. Do a little research so you know how to spot any obvious damage.

Termites cause damage to stumps and the structure of the house. As well as a building inspection, a pest inspection is also advisable so problems like termite damage are detected and noted before you finally purchase the house.

As was said at the beginning of the article it is an exciting time when looking for a house to buy however, you need to be wise and informed before you buy.


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