6 Common Types Of Mechanical Locks For Home And Office Use

6 Common Types Of Mechanical Locks For Home And Office Use

Locks offer your home and office a sense of protection. It is an important item to keep your loved ones and belongings safe at all times.

With the rise of technology, locks went from being a mere wood locking mechanism to a stronger, sometimes high-tech security feature. And although there are limited styles, it is easy to get lost and pick the wrong type of lock for your door.

So, to ensure the efficiency and compatibility of your lock, here are six types of mechanical locks you can use for your home and office.

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  1. Padlocks

A padlock is a common type of lock that offers a more flexible approach to security. Because of its design, it is typically attached to a variety of different objects such as gates, lockers, and so on. Two general types of padlocks are commonly available, namely the combination padlock and the keyed padlock.

Combination padlocks have a certain type of dial which opens the lock when the correct combination is used. This type of padlock is often used in places where moderate to little security is required, like in a school locker, since it can easily be decoded.

Keyed padlocks come in a variety of sizes and often offer more protection. It requires the use of a specific key for it to open. However, low-quality padlocks can easily be opened with the use of bolt cutters, so opt for a high-quality one with more durable material.

  1. Deadbolts

A deadbolt lock is commonly used for external doors and comes in three primary kinds, a single, double, and a lockable one. The most common variety is a single cylinder deadbolt which uses a key cylinder to rotate the lock open.

  1. Knob Locks

A knob lock is a typical lock used in homes and offices. Often, it is combined with a deadbolt lock to offer more security. Knob locks are simple spring locks and can be quite easy to open with the right tools, so it is better to combine it with other types of locks.

  1. Mortice Locks

A mortice lock is a standard type that requires a key to lock and open it. It works great for external doors since it has a design that is harder to break. Mortice locks are often found on commercial doors, glass entry doors, and in apartment settings.

  1. Wall Mounted Locks

A wall mounted lock, as the name suggests, is mounted directly onto the wall. It is common in large businesses acting as access to the rest of the keys. However, since it mounted in the wall, this lock needs to be installed at the time of construction.

  1. Rim Latch Locks

A rim latch lock is a unique type of lock which can be designed to auto lock when the door shuts. However, it isn’t a standalone lock,and it requires another form of lock especially when used for external doors. In case it gets broken, get lock repair services by Locksmith Sydney immediately to avoid further problems.

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