7 Things You Should Know About Paver Patios

7 Things You Should Know About Paver Patios

Paver patios are a wonderful way to extend your living space outdoors. They can create a place where you and your loved ones can spend quality time together. Paver patios can add value to your home by implementing a feature that other homes may lack. Imagine yourself having a summer cook out on your patio, surrounded by family and friends, with your kids playing in the yard and enjoying the perfect weather. This thought can become a reality with the help of a professional patio paver installation company in Columbus, Ohio.

There are a variety of different aspects that paver patios have, which makes them an asset to your property or home. Paver patios are different than decks, concrete slabs and other types of outdoor living spaces. Not only will different aspects of paver patios be explained below, but also things that you should know about paver patios will be discussed. If you are considering installing a paver patio to your home or property, you should absorb the, “7 Things You Should Know About Paver Patios” to get a better understanding of paver patio elements.

7 Things You Should Know

  • Paver Patios Offer Low Maintenance & Costs

Depending on what material you choose to create your paver patio, the initial cost to install your paver patio can vary between low and high options. However, no matter what material you choose, you will save money in the long run due to easy repair and maintenance.

  • Pre-Patio Preparation Is Crucial

Before you prep for your patio installation, it’s important to call your local utilities to have any cable, pluming, or electrical lines marked. When you are clear to dig, you should dig a hole deep enough to accommodate patio prep steps. It is easier to dig when the soil is damp and soft, so you can water the area prior to digging for better results.

  • Prep Steps

After the hole has been dug evenly throughout the space, you want to use landscaping material to create a barrier that will prevent weeds or unwanted plants from growing up through your patio. You will pack in the paver base or sand using a compactor machine to produce a solid, level and smooth base to work upon.

  • Don’t Forget Drainage

You want to achieve a level patio, but you need to make sure that the patio slopes away from your home and toward an area that can handle the drainage. Moisture that is not properly drained can build up underneath your patio or home causing a corrupt foundation, which can lead to huge problems down the line.

  • Varying Colors Will Occur

Paver patios have varying colors due to the chemical makeup of the material that you are using for pavers. Understanding that there will be color variations for almost every material that is used to build paver patios will save you from a negative surprise once installed. Different color pavers can be used to create a natural look that will balance any color of patio furniture. A worn and faded paver patio can be seen as aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  • Pack the Cracks

Once the pavers have been laid out to create the patio shape and size that you want, you need to fill in the cracks between the pavers with sand. Fill the entire patio area with sand to close the gaps between all of the pavers. You can use polymeric sand in the cracks to bond the patio pavers together. This will help set the pavers in place, help to prevent weed growth up through the cracks and allow for better drainage.

  • Keep Extra Pavers

You should always keep extra pavers on hand to make repairs easier. If you need to replace a paver, you will not have to acquire a similar paver to use but you will have the exact pavers that were used to install the initial patio. This can save you time and money if you need to replace a paver at any point of your patio’s lifespan.

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