Advantages of Concrete Flooring for Your Home

Advantages of Concrete Flooring for Your Home

Forget about the gray concrete floors that you have seen in garages and warehouses. Today concrete floors are becoming quite popular in homes and businesses due to the wide availability of colors and possibilities. From the polished color of your choice to a single pattern, embedding decorative accents, or stenciling, you can have a floor that will be the envy of everyone who sees it.

Why Concrete is So Popular

Concrete flooring is easy to install. Once it has been poured and set, the color you choose can be added. Etching can create an interesting look and multiple colors for designs are quite popular. The concrete is polished to get the sheen that is desired. Regardless of whether it looks like it would be slippery, concrete is actually not as bad as other types of flooring.

Not only can you create a very nice look when you choose concrete flooring, but it is easy to maintain. A dust mop will pick up most debris. Mopping with a wet mop will clean more thoroughly. Unless you have stains from spills or something else, you don’t have to use a cleaner. An example of a company that offers polished concrete in Oak Park IL is Contemporary Concrete Creations.

Long Lasting

A concrete floor will last forever, as long as it is maintained properly. While you may end up replacing other types of flooring several time while you live in your home, concrete will not wear out or get indentions from heavy furniture. You will not have to worry about concrete being prone to moisture. It is not conducive to mold growth and does not hold allergens. This is a plus for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Concrete floors are also fire-resistant. A few area or scatter rugs strategically placed can keep your feet warm during the winter, but the floors will feel fantastic during the hot summer months. This is an option that is being chosen by many for the many advantages it can provide.

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