Average Shower Installation Costs

Average Shower Installation Costs

Nowadays the majority of us prefers using showers to tub baths daily. They are quick, easy to use and substantially save water. Besides, shower installation is one of the best projects for a good return on investment. Simply upgrading the fixtures or installing ceramic tile in your shower is an easy way to provide a facelift and give a boost to your resale value. The national average for a new shower installation project performed by a capable contractor is $2,749.

A shower consists of several components including the pan, the walls (surround), accessories and the plumbing.

  • Shower stall

There is a variety of options of shower stalls in sizes, shapes and materials. The most common and easiest to install is the prefab unit, 36×36 inches in size ($815 – $930)

–          Surround

The main requirement to shower walls is water resistance. They come in many types (the most affordable for installing – porcelain and ceramic tiles in your shower (5- $10/sq.ft.), glass and stone tiles, the most expensive – solid surface and stone slabs ($100/sq.ft.)

–          Layouts

Constructions are available in many shapes and sizes. Depending on the parameters, the number of users and needs you have (including benches, performance showers, steam or a tub) the prices can up from $400 to $1,000.

–          Shower pans

A shower stall is constructed with a built-in pan or tray. Their function is to slope to the drain. The main 3 types (acrylic, ready- made, ready-to-tile and custom) vary in price as well, starting from $200 and up to $1,500.

–          Typesofdoors

This item of shower installation costs is not for all showers, as some need curtains or stationary panels, while some showers are installed in wet rooms. However, the majority of showers use some type of door. The price varies from $100 for a spray panel door to $900 for a frameless or French.

–          Shower Installation and labour

The costs will vary widely, depending on the type of shower, surround, shower options and replacing of an old shower.

Averagely, the cost of labour to install a shower stall is around $300 to $500. A custom shower in tile or slab will cost you up to $2,000.

–          Accessories

There are numerous other items that are very optional but can be also included in your shower installation (from $20 to $2,000)

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