California Pest Control Services For Homes And Offices

California Pest Control Services For Homes And Offices

Pest control is designed to eliminate pests from homes and businesses. This includes cockroaches, ants, termites, silverfish, mosquitoes and more. With years of extensive industry experience, pest control technicians have the tools and expertise to eradicate pests of all breeds from your property’s interiors and exteriors. This is done with the latest in pesticides, along with sticky pads and traps for mice and vermin. These experts also remove hornet, wasp and bee hives from garages, crawlspaces, and other areas with warm and arid temperatures. The latter is notorious for pest breeding and feeding which causes infestation and health problems for loved ones and pets.

Pest Control in the California summertime

The scorching summer season brings out insects and bugs from all corners of your property. This includes ants which love to feed on both smaller and larger insects. Ants build intricate colonies inside your home, as well as large mounds on your outdoor gardens and landscaping. This makes your property look bad — and the only way to eradicate these insects is with timely and cost-affordable pest control services. Here are some of the ways local technicians can remove mounds, ants, and their young from within.

• As part of your service and pest treatment plan, local technicians apply pesticide-based powder on mounds. This kills ants and their young on-site while preventing these structures from being erected again.
• Technicians also block entrances and exit routes that ants use on the bottom of garage doors. Similarly, they advise home and business owners to close all food containers and not to leave any crumbs on the table. This attracts black ants, red ants, and other species for feeding, breeding and congregating within your home.
• Area specialists also spray interiors and exteriors to eliminate hornets, wasps, flies, silverfish, roaches, mosquitoes, and even bed bugs.
• Pest control teams are fully certified, insured, and offer complimentary consultations and free quotes. They also offer monthly, quarterly, and bi-yearly pest control maintenance and spraying plans for homes and businesses.

Why Pest Control Services are Essential

Pest control is an essential component of health and wellness. In fact, there is a direct correlation between pest diseases and respiratory illnesses in humans and domesticated pets. With this in mind, pest maintenance eliminates the infestation and keeps your homes and offices cleaner and hygienic. From spiders and garden snakes to worms and more, local technicians can easily identify the breeds and species infestation in your home. They even eradicate mice and rats from attics and basements – while working with local animal control agencies to remove raccoons and birds of prey from your properties.
Here are some more benefits of pest control services and techniques:

Keep your Home Disease Free

Regular California pest control treatments exterminate pests that carry potentially infectious diseases. This includes fleas, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. The latter is known to be filthy and carries diseases in their legs as well. From malaria and plague to dengue and asthma, pests of different breeds carry a range of viruses that can be transmitted to loved ones and domesticated pets. With this in mind, you need regular pest maintenance to protect the health and wellness of your loved ones.

Reduce Health Risks

Pest control specialists are fully trained and specialize in killing pests — large and small. They also have the skills to handle poisonous chemicals that are designed specifically for pest control. Why settle for commercial bug sprays that only offer temporary solutions for homes? Local pest control teams get to the heart of the infestation by targeting colonies and eliminating termites from your home’s foundation and wood-based areas. This helps you and yours maintain your health while avoiding dangerous pesticides that only licensed technicians can handle.

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