Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

There is an abundance of people with issues with cavity wall insulation at the moment, it is estimated there are more than 3 million UK homes that are affected by cavity wall issues partly down to bad quality workmanship.

Companies Offering CWI Claims On A No Win No Fee Basis

Cavity wall insulation claims are now offered by many companies on a conditional ‘no win no fee’ arrangement, which basically means the recipient doesn’t have to spend money in order to win compensation (no upfront fees) however a percentage fee will be payable should the claim be a success.

How Much Is The Success Fee?

Usually the success fee will be approximately 25% of the total compensation, VAT may also be payable by the winning claimant.

It is worth remembering that cavity wall insulation costs a pretty penny to correct, at least £3,000 will be spent in average cases to correct the issue.

Average compensation amounts range from £10,000-£23,000, so this amount can cover the cost to fix the issue and also add extra compensation on top of this amount.

People who have paid for the cavity wall to be fixed, may wish to claim compensation to recover that cost, otherwise it comes out of the victims’ pocket.

With cavity wall insulation it is important to remember that there are different materials which are used to carry out the procedure, and the material used on previous insulations can suffer with material decay this can cause issues with the insulation, so this will need to be removed and replaced by specialist building professionals.

Other Symptoms Of Cavity Wall Insulation Issues:

Mould – This is a common CWI issue with both the insulation and the material used mould can grow wherever there is moisture and a potential for it to develop.

Cracks in the walls/masonry – The holes in the walls which can also be exacerbated by the cold and potentially small amounts of ice which gather in the microholes in the walls.

Smells emanating from the walls – Smells due to the rising damp in the property, it can leave quite a pungent smell

Damage to wallpaper – Wallpaper being damaged due to the presence of condensation and moisture in the interior of the property.

There are a range of other issues with a property suffering with cavity wall insulation problems and these problems are expensive to fix.

Fixing Cavity Wall Problems – What Is Required To Fix?

You will need the services of a building company with experience in dealing with cavity wall problems and faulty building work.

Generally the cost to fix cavity wall issues tends to be somewhere in between £3,000-£5,000 so the costs are substantial.

The amount of time it takes to complete a cavity wall claim is usually 3-4 months from initial enquiry to payout.

To make a claim for cavity wall insulation search for a company that handles the claims on a no win no fee basis for professional claims management.



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