Characteristics Of Epoxy Flooring

Characteristics Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy resin is used both for floors and coatings. This material is particularly suited to floors, especially if you want to renovate without having to replace the existing surface.

With an epoxy resin treatment from a company like Smart Systems Plus, it is possible to create a perfectly leveled floor. In fact, once this has been applied it has mechanical and chemical resistance characteristics, which allow it to maintain its linearity over the entire floor.

Treating the floor with resin-based materials allows for a really minimal thickness between two and three millimeters. Epoxy flooring allows you to create unique, glossy and highly special images. These effects can be achieved using two-component epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin features

Epoxy resins provide features that make the floor more beautiful to look at, refined and with special and glossy effects. But what are its features? Epoxy has polymers that harden when exposed to cold. This product therefore consists of a base component in resin and a hardener. When mixed together, a layer similar to polished glass is obtained.

Epoxy flooring is resistant due to their chemical and physical characteristics and allow fast application and short reaction times compared to vinyl esters.

What are the advantages of epoxy for flooring?

The advantages of epoxy make it possible to use them as a floor covering for pharmaceutical or food industries, but also in hospitals and veterinary offices.

In addition to in professional places and studies, epoxy resins are also used for homes. In fact, with this material it is possible to create the marble effect, or a glossy single-color flooring, or unique patterns with particular colors.

With this floor covering you will no longer have the problem of leaks and you can renew the floor in less time and without removing the pre-existing tiles. The epoxy makes it possible to create a floor that is completely waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof. It can withstand chemical and abrasive agents and it is easy to clean.

Epoxy flooring has greater resistance to wear and the passage of time. Compared to other coatings such as ceramic or parquet, or laminate, epoxy has a higher cost. Usually to apply it, in fact, it is necessary to request an estimate from an expert, as it is difficult to apply it yourself.

The cost of applying these flooring changes depending on the type chosen, the colors, the effect you want to achieve, and above all based on the area you need to cover.

On average, an epoxy flooring has a cost that starts at 70 dollars per square meter for the simplest coatings and reaches 120-150 dollars for the most unusual and with personalized patterns.

In recent years, anyone planning the renovation of the house or replacing the existing coatings, such as tiles, can consider an alternative route: resin. This material is normally a compound of synthetic binders and special aggregates to which some variations can be added based on the function of use and the destination of the coating that can be used for the flooring, internal and external, but also on the wall.

The use of resin as a coating in residential and private contexts, such as homes, has a fairly recent history. First the resin was used mainly in different areas as high-traffic industrial buildings frequented by many people.

Today, a resin floor in an office, in a showroom but also in private homes is an original and stylish choice that does not only have to do with the need to cover the previous flooring, but also with the pleasure that is obtained as a result finished.

The surface treated with the resin becomes smooth and seamless, a modern coating very suitable for apartments and lofts, open spaces with a metropolitan and contemporary taste.

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