Contemporary Oak Furniture – The New ‘Classic’ Selection

Contemporary Oak Furniture – The New ‘Classic’ Selection

Oak is a material that has a long, worldwide history with regards to furniture, boats and building frameworks. It is one of the most hard-wearing woods in the world, its extreme density making it incredibly strong. Oak also has a high tannin content which means it is more resilient that most to insect and fungal infection. Altogether, oak has all the characteristics needed to make furniture that will last a lifetime – Most probably beyond.

Not All Oak is Equal

Oak is grown around the world. Today, in parts of America and Canada red and white oak is abundant and as such has become a major resource for contemporary oak furniture. Unfinished oak is the most widely used, second only to pine in popularity. Extremely durable, it is ideal for flooring and high-use furniture. Also extremely hard-wearing, North American red oak was traditionally used for flooring. Today it is used to build quality furniture and is revered for its beautiful grain as well as durability. White oak continues to be popular within furniture design. Light oak is waterproof; hence it was originally, primarily used a lot in boat-building.

Made to Last

Considering how long oak has been used to craft furniture, it is hard to imagine a time when it goes out of fashion. Veneered furniture pales in comparison with regards to durability and regardless, it can never compare with the beauty of natural wood – Especially oak. Without doubt, a solid oak piece of contemporary furniture will outlast a somewhat ‘cheap and cheerful’ veneered unit for many (many) years. In reality, buying veneered furniture that will (almost certainly) fall to pieces within a few years, comparatively speaking, is not such a money-wise decision.

Kalusto Oak Furniture

Kalusto contemporary oak furniture collections are made from solid wood throughout: Cadiz Solid Oak – Valencia Light Oak and Marbella Oak Nursery. The wood is selected for its superior quality and beauty; absolutely no veneers are used in the construction of these ranges. Our contemporary oak furniture revives the craftsmanship quality of yesteryears and combines it with modern day design concepts. Our furniture not only looks beautiful, it is also designed to provide real functionality and storage solutions for your home.

Why Choose Oak?

It might surprise you to know that there are in excess of one hundred thousand species of trees worldwide. While certainly a lot to choose from only a small percentage are used frequently within furniture manufacture. A high priority is the strength and durability the wood can provide. Oak is one of the most commonly used in furniture construction because it is hard to beat with regards to both.  

Today, Oak is grown throughout the world, primarily Europe, Canada and North America. Colours vary between white and red. Used to make the finest contemporary furniture of the twenty-first century, it would be easy to easy to describe it as the new ‘classic’. As an adjective, this word means ‘judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind’. Without doubt, contemporary oak furniture has everything it takes to do that word justice.

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