Curtains: Some Facts You Need to Know

Curtains: Some Facts You Need to Know

According to experts in the field of interior design, curtains are usually the last decorative element. It is added to a room after having already selected the colors for the floor and walls. They are installed after all the furniture and accessories, including small decorative objects. In order to have great curtain designs in your home, you have to do the following things properly.

Choose The Right Curtain Fabric

Dressing up window curtains is the ultimate decorative note of a room. If we choose a pair of curtains for the character it brings to the room, the orientation of the latter is also a determining factor for the choice of fabric. The choice of fabric for making a pair of curtains is not trivial. If one chooses a fabric for its decorative effect and the character that it establishes to a room, it is also selected according to the light, the colors, the furniture of the room and for its phonic and thermal qualities.

If we want to bring a cozy effect to rooms located in cold regions, it is better to favor so-called heavy fabrics that also adopt insulating properties. The preferred materials are velvet, jacquard fabrics and blackout fabrics. In addition to the opulent side of a room, velvet is a thick fabric that can hide the light but also isolate currents and noise, just like jacquard or twill. That is why we present you with a wide catalog of curtains, blinds, to facilitate the choice. We can mention that our store urbain is a good option for buying curtains online.

Putting Up A Curtain

Wood, metal, natural or colored, the curtain bars allow all types of material to be used. In just three steps, discover how to put them with ease and with accessible tools.


  • A measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • A bracket
  • A drill
  • A screwdriver
  • A spirit level
  • A curtain bar and its supports (curtains and decorative ends)

To ensure that nothing gets in the way of curtain closing, choose the right length of support. Opt for telescopic models.


Curtains are essential for the complete beauty of your home. Learn to choose curtains that fit the paints and bedsheets in the room to give it a brighter and befitting color. When choosing blinds, it should match the color of the curtains and most of all, know how to marry colors properly.

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