Custom Sisal Stair Treads

Custom Sisal Stair Treads

Stair treads are a great way to make your stairs safer, quieter and more attractive. While treads may seem like a purely practical item, custom sisal stair treads from Natural Area Rugs also add an attractive accent to your stairs.

Carpet Stair Treads Benefits

Many people choose stair treads to help children, pets and elderly family members navigate the stairs more easily. Of course, there are many other great reasons to use carpet stair treads in your home.

  • Safety: Hardwood and other hard stair materials can be slippery. For anyone who has balance difficulties, this can create a dangerous situation. Fortunately, using stair treads carpet can make your steps much easier to navigate. This works great for young children and anyone who struggles with balance due to age or illness. Pets also appreciate these treads.
  • Noise Reduction: Sisal stair treads are very effective at dampening noise on your stairs. If footsteps on your stairs can be heard around your house, this is a simple way to reduce the unwanted sound.
  • Aesthetics: Natural Area Rugs’ selection of custom sisal stair treads feature attractive color options and styles. Sisal has a pleasant, textured look that can add an element of depth to any staircase.

Sisal Stair Treads Options

Natural Area Rugs’ catalog of stair treads includes dozens of styles, each with numerous color options. You can easily create a custom look that is perfect for your home. Easily match your tread style to your hardwood or other stair material. You can choose a bold, two-tone look or something more subtle. Similarly, opt for a brightly-colored accent or a calming neutral color. The choice is yours.

Carpet Star Treads Installation

All Natural Area Rugs stair treads are easy to install on your stairs. The rubberized backing helps keep them in place, but we recommend using our heavy-duty carpet tape for an extra-secure hold. We offer them in sizes that easily fit most stairs. So, all you need to do is put them in place and start using your new stair treads. It couldn’t be easier to make your stairs safer, quieter and more attractive.

You can use this guide to help ensure your treads are properly installed. Just clean your stairs, place the treads with tape and press firmly.

Order Yours Today

Don’t wait to get started with Natural Area Rugs’ custom sisal stair treads. If you want to upgrade your stairs to be safer and better looking, you need to look no further. Find the perfect custom combination of colors and materials for you. Order yours from our catalog of sisal stair treads today.

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