Customer Care Is Valuable

Customer Care Is Valuable



Business strategy includes a set of act and steps that a business dealer uses to attract their stake holders. Stakeholders of any business are the customers of that business. If one wants to know the value of the business position then he should know and check how much this business or organization provides customer value. The difference between consumer and customer is that consumer deals first time with any specific product of any salesman whereas customer is that who want to be deal with specific salesman.

Customer value is that stage of Excellency in business where dealers are offering benefits to customers more than the cost. The business dealer should know the difference among them.  He should have to deal with customer’s perceptions and purchasing behavior for the excellence. If business dealers provide customer value then it is in highest /peak point of business and this point can be achieved through customer satisfaction. On which steps any dealer step out depends upon survey. Whether dealers are only dealing with customer or they are providing customer satisfaction or they are providing value to customer. Value customer cannot be achieved without customer satisfaction.

The strategies of business dealers also depend upon the response of customer satisfaction survey. Survey helps out the dealer to know about the response of the customer about different products. Today the leading industry is home decoration. Home décor decreases the anxiety, hypertension of the people living in it. Different stores provide quality based products. Some store achieves the customer value through survey report. These dealers are not static to their position. Business strategy depends upon continuous improvement. Customer responds on the usage of products and give feedback which lead to improvement. It is a cyclic process that has not an end. Companies like Snipon,not only provide the best home décor things but also dealing with the customer response through rating by customers. In this way dealers know the place and position in the competitive world.

On one side of mirror home décor stores like biglots care their customer through survey and is providing the best quality products meeting the demands of potential customers. On the other side of mirror, motive of these surveys is not just targeting customer satisfaction but also provision of customer care. The good example of this is biglots because it not just care their customer through provision of home decoration leading to comfort  materials like sofa,lovesets, sectionals, bedding, desks, beautiful curtains , rugs, home accents decorated picture frames  but also grocery , electronics, small kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils are also available on different attractive discounts.

The most positive point with biglots is that it care and value their customers on the basis of survey.  This point makes it distinct from other stores that it offers same products but does not care about customer value.

We sum up this with that Survey platform is an opportunity to dealers and investors to get best marketing of product meeting to the demands of the people with highest sale point. 


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