Details About How Scroll Saw Works

Details About How Scroll Saw Works

If you need to do any fine woodwork then you will need a scroll saw because you can control its speed and power very precisely as it is run by an electrical motor. In addition to that its blade that is used is of very high precision.

A best scroll saw under 200 can also move up or down at a rate of 400 – 1800 strokes/minute. There may be number of other varieties of scroll saws and all have few common parts.

Blade types

For using the scroll saw there are many types of blades and on standard tooth blade, its teeth are spaced evenly and are of same size.  In case of wood blade, you will find larger teeth having greater space in between them so that it can clear the sawdust while you cut.

In case of metal blade, teeth are closer and smaller but these blades tend to be much noisier.

Another type of blades are skip-tooth blades.  In this blade, there will be skip or space in between the teeth. The numbers of teeth are half of any standard blade.

Exterior cuts

If you want to get a standard cut, first trace the line or pattern on the wood piece and then lay the wood flat on the saw table.  Make sure that you have got the blade firmly in its place.

Turn on the saw and bring the piece of wood in contact with its blade.  Blades have the tendency to drift as they are thin, as you try to cut.

You will need to steer all the wood like a car and adjust moment-by-moment as you push your wood forward.

Interior cuts

For making an interior cut first you need to drill small hole on the wood, so that saw blade can fit through.  The hole must be close to perfect vertical as much as possible.

Remove the blade’s bottom end from motor, put it inside the hole of the wood, and reattach it with the motor.  Ensure that its quite tight and then proceed cutting in whatever pattern you want.

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