Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Global warming on earth is increasing significantly. This is leading to heavy heat and warming for people especially in the summer season the heat is intolerable. So air conditioners were invented. There are various types of ACs such as window air conditioners, packaged air conditioner, split air conditioner and central air conditioning system, etc. The most common types are listed below.

Window Air Conditioners

This is the most commonly used right type of air conditioner. This is usually installed in single rooms. This type of air conditioner is like a box which includes compressor, expansion coil or valve, condenser, evaporator and cooling coil. The window air conditioning system is fitted in the window of the room.

Packaged Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioner is helpful for cooling a larger space or more than one room. The air conditioner can be arranged in two types. In the first one, the components including compressor, expansion valve, and condenser are in a single box. The cold air is thrown through the blower and comes out using ducts present in various rooms. In the second, the condenser and compressor are arranged in one casing.  The air passes through individual units consisting of cooling coil and expansion valve present in many rooms.

Split Air Conditioners

It consists of two systems; the indoor system and the outdoor system. The outdoor system is fitted outside the room consisting of compressor, expansion valve and condenser. The indoor system consists of a cooling fan and cooling coil. This can be fitted in the wall and doesn’t require any slot in the window or wall like window air conditioners. Also, modern split air conditioners do not take much space for their compact design. Splits can also be used to cool more than one room.

Central Air Conditioners

These types of air conditioners are mainly used to cool a huge space like big buildings, hotels, big houses, offices, movie theatres, gyms, factories, etc. Putting individual systems in each room will be very expensive if the entire building is to be cooled. In cases like this central air conditioning systems are preferred as they will be less expensive. The system consists of a huge compressor having the capability to produce tons of cool air. They are a feasible solution for cooling huge spaces.

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