Essential Perfections in Air-conditioning Services

Essential Perfections in Air-conditioning Services

Regular maintenance of your reversible air conditioner extends its life, avoiding premature degradation of components, enjoying a stable performance, not over-consuming electricity and preserving indoor air quality. How to properly maintain your reversible air conditioning? What can you do yourself and what should you leave to a pro? We tell you everything with the reference to the right aircon servicing.

Every Month: Filter Dusting

Important: Be sure to turn off the air conditioning before cleaning.

Every month (and depending on the degree of dirt), the air conditioner filters must be dusted.

To dust off the filter, you can blow a vacuum (be careful that it is not set to full power to avoid damaging the filter.).

If the filters are really dirty, you can clean them with warm water or soapy water. Dry the filters well before repositioning them.

Did you know? Some air conditioners have a button that warns you when the filters are too dirty.

The easiest way to maintain your reversible air conditioning is to refer to the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

Regularly: A Visual Check of the Outdoor Unit

For the regular maintenance of your reversible air conditioning, check also at the outdoor unit that no obstacle hinders the good air circulation (tree leaves, outdoor furniture, and objects).

If the air grill is really dirty, you can use a dry cloth or a slightly damp sponge.

Caution: Never use solvents to clean the filters or the outside air grill.

Every Year: A Leak Test of the Installation

If your air conditioner contains more than 2 kg of refrigerant, an annual inspection of the tightness of the installation is mandatory.

This check must be done by a professional.

Make Your Life Easier With the Maintenance Contract

We strongly recommend that you subscribe to a maintenance contract for your reversible air conditioning with a professional (refrigeration, heating, air conditioning). It should be noted that some manufacturers claim the guarantee only if they subscribe to a maintenance contract.

In addition, a maintenance contract for reversible air conditioning ensures the rapid intervention of a technician in case of failure, which allows you to remain calm if a problem occurs during the heat wave.

To no longer suffer the heat wave or monstrous heating bills, choose a reversible air conditioner or air-to-air heat pump. It is a 2 in 1 heating and air conditioning solution that works on the principle of the heat pump to ensure a year-round comfort in your home. What is the average price of an air-to-air heat pump?

What Does A Maintenance Contract Include?

In addition to checking the tightness of the installation and the absence of bacteria and fungi, the professional will check the proper functioning:

  • electrical connections,
  • filters,
  • batteries,
  • the evacuation of condensation,
  • Pressures, temperatures and yield.

Moreover, the professional will check the correct settings of the air conditioning and re-adjust if necessary.

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