Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To Texas

So, you have decided that you want to move to Texas. Fantastic. The Lone Star State has it all; diverse cities, impressive job growth and one of the best barbecues in the United States. You can also find that Texas has quite affordable housing market and a rich culture, making Texas one of the best states to live in the US. It is no wonder that people are flocking to the biggest state of the US. So, what do you need to know before you move there? Quite a lot actually, especially if you’re moving from a northern state. You’ll have to adjust to all of the “ya’ll-ing”, heat and yes – the gun culture. So, you better prepare yourself if you want to go there, and there is no better way than reading this article.

Fire in a hole

Let’s start with a bang. The Lone Star State loves its guns. That’s just the fact of life. You may find that concealed weapons are all around you. Many households own more than one weapon. If you want to join the Second Amendment crowd, you’ll find your luck in Texas. But be careful, follow the gun control rules. And follow the reasonable safety guidelines of for storing guns at your home and using weapons during the hunting season.

Texas loves its guns

The energy of Texas

The energy sector is deeply tied to Texas. Energy sector giants, like Shell, are some of the biggest employers in Texas. When there is a rise in oil prices, the Texan economy rises, and vice versa – when oil drops, the Texan economy follows. But don’t worry, Texas is an economic giant inside the US, and the fluctuations are not that big of a deal. Healthcare and other sectors are also important, and they are also the engines that drive the Texan economy forward.

Moving to Texas on your own is a big no-no

Moving on your own, especially if you are from another state, and even more if you’re moving to Texas, is a big mistake. People who move on their own think that they’ll save some money by doing that. But that is an illusion. Medical bills can be overwhelming if you hurt yourself while moving, and even costs can catch up to you if you accidentally break something unintentionally. So, you better hire a company like smallworldmoving.com if you decide to move to Texas. Remember that moving on your own is actually more expensive than moving by a moving company.


Be ready for a warm weather, especially if you are moving from a north. And yes, Texas is hot and it’s getting hotter. Temperatures in August usually reach up to 90 F. Depending on where you move after moving to Texas, you may find that in some parts of the Lone Star State it is super humid, and that in some parts it is quite dry. In either case prepare yourself for heat. Drink your water regularly during the summer, especially if you’re staying outside for more than two hours. And make sure you prepared properly if you decide to move in summer.

Texas Taxes

The Lone Star State is perceived by some to be friendly to people who don’t like paying their taxes (who likes that?). There is no state income tax. And the state sales tax isn’t steep either. But, counties and cities are allowed to make their own taxes over the federal ones, so be prepared. State’s property taxes are among the highest ones in the United States.

Texas won’t rip you off

Texas is changing fast

Population of the Lone Star State is rapidly changing. Many people from all around the US are flocking to Texas. And Texan Hispanic population is growing. Some demographers predict that by 2050 Texas will become majority Hispanic state, meaning that it’ll switch to its pre-US demography.

Homes are quite affordable, especially in rural areas

One of the reasons why Texas has been able to attract many new residents is the price of their homes. That’s what happens when you have too much space to build on. So, moving to Texas is a wise idea, since housing is pretty affordable, especially if you’re moving from an urban area to a rural one, like from a Fort Worth area. And Texas is one of the best states to relocate if you are a retiree.

Hire a good moving company when moving out of Fort Worth area or from any other urban area for that matter. Don’t do it on your own, it’ll cost you more than you expect. Texas has some beautiful nature, enjoyed by people on the countryside. So, take our advice and move to a rural area if you want to experience Texas at its best.

Moving to an urban area is also a good option. Cities in Texas like Houston, San Antonio and Dallas have their own advantages, especially San Antonio. They have their own unique ‘vibe’ and people. Also, all of them have some good NBA teams. Houston has its Rockets, Dallas its Mavericks, and San Antonio has its Spurs. So, if you’re a fan of basketball then Texas is a state made for you.

Texas loves its barbecue

Texas loves its barbecue

People from Texas love their barbecue. If you love meat, Texas will blow your mind. Beef is quite the specialty of the Lone Star State. But, if you’re a vegetarian, don’t despair. Nowadays it is very easy to find a vegetarian cuisine in Texas. You still might get some flack for not eating meat but it is more common than it used to be.

So, if you want to move to Texas, prepare yourself. You may find that there is a little bit of cultural difference, especially if you’re coming from the North. Other than that, Texas is a great place to live in, no matter if you are a retiree or college student. And don’t forget to enjoy nature and great cuisine of Texas. Good luck with your relocation!



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