Factors To When Choosing Granite Countertops

Factors To When Choosing Granite Countertops

Whether renovating or selecting the best fixtures for your new home, color selection is vital, especially on choosing granite countertops. But don’t worry, there are abundant options when selecting the best granite countertops that suit your kitchen and bathroom specifications. This is what to look for when choosing granite countertops.


In the market place, there is a huge array of colors that provide options that will spoil you. The colors range from grey, black, white, browns, and beiges. Before settling on your best color, think of the color scheme of your room and the cabinet finishes. This will help to find a complementary color.

It is advisable to take color samples, cabinet doors, and the flooring pieces while shopping for granite countertops. Consider the amount of light entering your room in order to decide on a darker or lighter granite countertop

Ensure you carry out your tests at different times of the day even when you have decided on Ganache, mid-tone gray with white veins. Suffice to note, the appearance of the colors depend on the temperature levels. Your granite might have over 50 shades of gray with blue, green, and purple tints. The different tints are as a result of how warm or cool is your light.

When you are undecided on two different granite colors, consider using both. When you select a lighter or darker color for your granite gives them beautiful contrast. Also, your kitchen will perfectly complement with two different colors. Bordeaux Dream granite is the perfect primary choice as it compliments many colors. It has natural neutral variations such as taupe and soft cream. Consult account managers to help you in finding the perfect combination meant for your home or commercial building.


Think on the edge design you like for your countertop. There is a range of choices that suit granite countertops like beveled and bull-nosed edges. Have a look at popular new waterfall edges and sides. Try countertop edge visualizer for knowledge concerning your options.


Besides, you have choices for the veining and pattern of your granite countertop. Granite countertops patterns can be of solid, marble, and speckled that dramatically give a range of effects. If you like the minimalistic look, keeps things simple and settle on a solid-colored countertop. Also, you can choose from the vibrant color options that contrast each slab, adding marbling and speckling effect.


For the most appealing granite countertop, choose polished, honed and leather countertops. Polished finishes assuredly produce smooth and shiny surfaces. Besides, polished granite is less porous compared to the rest of the options. Honing cuts provide a more matte finish downing the shine. Leather finishes, on the other hand, will make your countertop surface have a leather-like texture.
However, considering the factors is essential, you should request your seller to provide you with samples to take home in case they are available. The samples will help you have the real or natural look of your kitchen before shopping. If the samples might not be available, take some pictures that will help test and pick the best granite countertop for your kitchen or bathroom. By doing this, you ensure that your best granite choice is in tandem with the amount of light entering your room.


Choosing the perfect granite countertops, like the ones at Ageless Stoneworks, requires careful considerations that will ensure you shop what excite and compliments with your kitchen and bathroom design, finish, and pattern. Deciding on the colors is the most critical aspect. Different colors are enhanced by the amount of light entering your room. Consider taking samples home to test before settling on the best granite countertop to shop.

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