Green Natural Pest Control Options in Austin

Green Natural Pest Control Options in Austin

If you see pests in your home or backyard, that is not a pleasant sight! These pests can range from the smallest insects to some bugs that you can see crawling down your property. What is more alarming is that the ability of these pests to nest and grow in size in some days. You have a problem in hand, and you are more likely to reach out to a pest control service. A pest controller can solve your problem as they have the workforce and tools to take on a bug infestation of any size. However, you need to think before you hire the services of a pest firm and move with the process especially if you are not up for any ways that can spread pollution, damage the environment or impose health hazard to you or your family.

When you hire an Austin pest controller, the usual method for them to control and kill the pests is to use insecticide, sprays, and chemicals. They come to your premises search for the area of infiltration and then use the compounds and spray throughout to wipe out the pests. While most of these firms may be quick to point out that the chemical in use imposes no threat to you or your family and you can come back to your place in a couple of days, these services will shy away in answering your questions regarding the threat these chemicals have on the environment. In most of these insecticides, the substances are harmful not only to the environment but small animals, other rodents, and birds. You may end up harming other animals unintentionally and leaving pollutants in the air, thus making the process one of the agents to spread pollution. While you do want to deal with the process but are there any better options out there?

What are Green Natural Pest Control Options?

As the name implies, green natural pest control options are ways to deal with the problem by using organic elements to remove the pest and not to settle for any means that use chemicals, sprays or other insecticides for fumigation. If you have pests in your garden or your home, you do not have to panic as nature has a cure for everything. Know the pest, and the chances are you will find an organic treatment for the problem. Unfortunately, people rely on harmful chemicals more, and according to estimates, household uses more insecticides than farmers on local lands!

Your first step is to reach a green pest control Austin firm and make it clear you are looking for organic options for pest removal. A reputed company will entertain your request and will provide you with alternatives instead of using chemicals.

For gardens and plants, one option is to use seaweed mulch or spray as these elements contain the necessary chemicals such as iron, zinc, and calcium, and using seaweed fertilizer not only serve as a deterrent to pests but it is also environmentally friendly and will make the plant and leaves in your garden stronger.

If your problem is not widespread another way is to use the combination of neem oil or pyrethrum spray that can help in removing the pest, you can also use the spray regularly in your garden area and house to prevent any pest infestations.

Sometimes even the simplest things work, if you use dish soap and dilute it with you can apply it on infected plants.

All in all, if you care for the Austin environment, you will have to work a little to find out solutions to control pest naturally. You can also hire environmentalists and experts who can offer you more insights on the methods to deal with an infestation of any magnitude.

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