How Can I Buy The Best Comforter For Summer?

How Can I Buy The Best Comforter For Summer?


Everyone likes to be comfortable in their beds. Beddings usually have different layers, and it is based on the climate of an area. People often like the comfortable feel that a comforter provides. A down comforter is the best choice one can have as it is filled with all natural materials. It is good for nature and one’s bed as well. But people often associate it with cold climates or for layering purposes. A comforter does provide one with the extra comfort, so someone can buy a comforter that is suitable for summer. So, we present you with a guide to choosing a comforter for the warmer months.

Tips On Choosing A Comforter For The Summer Months:


  • The first tip would be to judge the weather that one is located in. If they have starkly different weathers in a year, then two comforters will the best way to go. But if the weather doesn’t fluctuate much then an all-season comforter will do its job.

  • In case of summer comforters always go for pure and 100% down feeling. They are more breathable and are lightweight. This will ensure that the sweat production will be less and the comforter wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

  • The Fill Power of the comforter will play a key role when you are buying one for the summer season. Comforters range in fill powers of 400 to 800. So, it can be easily guessed that a fill power of 400 or below will be appropriate for the summer months. People who want to use a comforter all year long may go for one with full power of 400 to 600. The fill power is often mentioned on the packaging. But remember that the fill weight is lower in comforters with high fill power. So, for summer comforters go for a comforter with higher fill weight.

  • Another key thing will be the stitching of the comforter. It is essential as comforters do have different types of extra stitching on them. Comforters with quilt stitching are often used in case of lower fill power. So, they will be good for summer months. A comforter with channel stitches is also a good choice.

  • Be it in any weather; one should never compromise with threat counts. Getting comforters with higher thread counts is always necessary. Go for one with a thread count of 300 or above.

  • Another thing will be the washability. As we tend to wash beddings more in summer months, get one that is easily washable.

We hope that the summer comforter advice will be great for anyone looking for it. Sites like ‘healthy comforter’ have several pieces of advice on choosing comforters. So, read some reviews before buying your next comforter.

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