How To Eliminate Pests More Effectively

How To Eliminate Pests More Effectively

When it comes to pest control for mosquitoes, it is vital to seal or throw away any unused or exposed water containers you have at home, from tires to bottle caps. Clean the gutters and the plants with soap.

Encourage neighbors to follow the same procedure so that the entire neighborhood is protected. Spray repellents and insecticides are welcome to scare off the insect.

The biggest villain of all. It is behind dengue, zika and chikungunya. Aedes albopictus: Likes forested areas better and has the ability to pass some viruses.


Sodium borate is a white powder. When termites eat it, they can no longer digest food and end up dying. Separate a five-liter container with a firm lid. To 4 liters of water add 450g of sodium borate. Take care, the ideal is to wear gloves and glasses of protection. This mixture should be sprayed in the area where the termites can be found.

Where to find: Handling pharmacies, farm houses or, for example, the Free Market. It works? Yes, but the material is not very easy to find.


A liquid insecticide is a pest control alternative to killing termites. This option is usually found in liquid form and should be applied as directed by the manufacturer.

How to do it: First of all read the package insert and follow the safety measures, which usually include gloves and goggles. The advantage here is that the product protects the material for many years against various insects and other microorganisms.

The application should be done with brush or spray or with a syringe. It works? Yes, it definitely works. If this last solution does not work, the pest is unlikely to be tamed. Now just roll up your sleeves, choose one of the options and get down to business.

Home remedies

Kill termites with natural solutions? Rest assured, you don’t have to pay a high price by hiring extermination services, simply pick the effective home poisons to get rid of termites.

Drywood termites and subterranean wood are critical to renovation processes in a given ecosystem, but they are also a difficult pest to kill when targeting a home, so prevention will always be more effective than any termite poison.

In other words, as much as we consider them a pest, these insects represent the pinnacle of an evolutionary process and because of this they are very resistant to generic insect remedies.

However, that does not mean that there is no effective termite poison, just that in general, to get rid of a termite infestation, rather than poison, you will need patience and persistence.

In this sense, if you notice isolated early signs, such as the presence in a single piece of your furniture, it may be more practical to get rid of that specific furniture before the pest spreads and you have to deal with multiple outbreaks.

And if this is the case, to get rid of termites, it is not enough to throw the furniture in the trash, it must be burned, which is not always possible.

Homemade poison or insecticide are the only options to get rid of termites? Be that as it may, it is wise to make a good assessment throughout the house, especially if it is wooden, for possible entry points for an infestation. This is because there are certain conditions required for termites to attack in a particular location.


Heat and humidity: If you live in a place with these characteristics, there are certainly termite colonies in the surrounding area. The situation worsens if the rooms in your home are dimly lit. Although it can do nothing about heat and humidity, it is interesting that at least sunbathe the furniture, if only occasionally.

Old wood in the yard: It should not be necessary to warn you, but rotting wood in the yard is a feast for termites and once installed in them, entry into the house is a matter of time only.

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