How To Know When To Replace Your House Roof

How To Know When To Replace Your House Roof

A roof is the most important part of any home. It protects the structure from rains, snowfall, wind, and other conditions. However, the roofing of any structure is likely to sustain damages over time. When this happens, you need to replace the old roofing with the new one. If you fail to do so, the entire roof could come off, damaging the structure and hurting people. However, the burning question is how to know when to replace your house roof. Here’s a checklist that should warn you that your roof needs a change.

Roofing age

A good-quality roof should last 20 to 25 years. When the roof gets too old, it’s a warning sign that the topmost party of your home needs a change. Even if the roof looks good apparently, it might have become weak over the years. Be wary of this point and take the necessary step on time.

Weather damages

Harsh weather conditions can damage the roofing significantly. Cracks and crevices should be attended on time to enhance the longevity of the roofing. If your roof sustained cracks due to torrential rains or winds, it could wear out in a lot less time. Also, heavy snowfall can be an indication that the roof might have sustained damages. In case the damages are big and can’t be repaired, it’s the right time to change the roof.

Shingles buckling and curling

Shingles that are buckling or curled are another indication that you may want a new roof. Take a look at the slopes of your house that receive direct sunlight. In case you see the shingles are losing granules and curling, it may signify that the shingles have passed their life-expectancy. There’s a likely possibility that the roof might be defective. In such a situation, contacting a roof replacing contractor is a better bet to do the needful.

Shingle granules in gutters

Roofs are inclined to lose shingle granules towards the end of their life. Also, a major disaster such as tornadoes or heavy rains may lash out your shingles. No matter how strong and new the shingles are, they’ll react to the beatings and might lose granules. Check the gutters and figure out whether they’re loaded with shingle granules. If yes, call a roofing replacement contractor.

Roof valleys

Valleys are one of the important parts of your roof. However, they’re likely to get damaged or misplaced due to one or the other reason. If you find that the roof shingles are missing in the area or falling apart, you need professional help. Rain and snow flow through valleys. In case the valley gets compromised, it can lead to roof leaks. If the leaks are big and at multiple places, changing the roof is the only alternative to avoid a major disaster.

Daylight passing through roof-boards

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of your roofing. It can weaken the decking, giving room for a major problem. So how can you identify this problem? If you notice a trampoline bounce or spongy feel when walking on your roof, it means the underlying decking has weakened due to moisture. In such a situation, check the attic to find out if any daylight is passing through the roof-boards. Additionally, check the moisture level in the insulation. Both these signs may indicate that a new roof is warranted.

Bottom line

No matter how strong and sturdy the roof is, it’s likely to get damaged due to aging or harsh weather conditions. So be sure you pay attention to signs of damaged or worn out roofing. If you lack info on how to know when to replace your house roof, check the above points. Within no time, you could figure out whether your roofing needs a change or not.

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