Is Furnished Apartment the Right Option for Short-Term Renting in Montreal?

Is Furnished Apartment the Right Option for Short-Term Renting in Montreal?

You may be visiting Montreal for varied reasons. You might be a student who is here on an exchange program or an internship or a transit consultant who is here for few months to understand or develop a new market for your company. You might be a laid-out tourist who likes to spend few days in a place understanding the culture before moving to the next destination. You may also be a person who will be staying here for long but need some time before finalizing a place for your long-term stay.

In all such circumstances, when you need a place for short-term, renting a furnished apartment seems to be the right option. There are plenty of hostels and hotels in urban areas, but you need to find something like Cjour, which is ideally located.

There are all sorts of accommodation available depending upon your budget. The cost of utilities, like electricity, water, laundry room, heating, air conditioning etc. may or may not be included in your rent. But, for complete peace of mind, it is always advisable to go for a place that includes all basic amenities and furnishings required for your stay. That way, you get a comprehensive range of good quality furniture, washer-dryer, and kitchen appliances you require. Most importantly, you do not have to run around to arrange those things in a new place.

Landlords normally require documents that can ascertain your ability to pay rent. These can be your income statement or your bank statement, which shows that you have funds available to you to cover the rent for few months.

Getting a furnished apartment for short term has many benefits. The foremost is that you need not shell out a lot before you get everything that is required to make yourself comfortable. Since you are there for a short period, you will either have to dispose it off once you leave or take it along with you. Both ways, it’s a headache as disposing off won’t let you recover even half of what you spent on buying it and taking it along comes at an added cost. It is also possible that it might not fit in the new place you move in.

Thus, if you intend to stay for short term in Montreal, rent a furnished apartment and enjoy your stay.

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