It’s Not Too Late!  Know the Biggest Home Decor Trends of 2018

It’s Not Too Late!  Know the Biggest Home Decor Trends of 2018

Decorating homes is typically a whim. But for serious homeowners, home trends are the key to their overall decor. And, it’s not too late in discovering this year’s trend. Start knowing what’s  the latest aesthetic for your home.

Compact greenery

Tropical vibe is still not over. Potted plants and air-plants still work like a charm more than ever when it comes to interior designing. Succulents, cactus, hanging foliage are only three of the top plants for this style. They are fuss-free companions in city homes. This 2018, indoor plants are growing bigger in size that not only visible in the living room but also in bathrooms.  Greenery proves to be versatile both in maximalism and minimalism setting. Alongside, tropical prints also serve to complement the trend.

Bolder Shades

The minimalism take on trends last year pales in comparison with the new trend this year. Year 2018 is indeed a welcoming to rich colors that ranges from yellow, navy and green. Splattered in different things in the home, this style feels personalized and comfortable, With its push to limitation, you can now finally pick what you really wanted for your home without feeling over decorating it.

Line Drawings

Art pieces are still in this year’s trend. And, this includes line drawings. This type of artwork from the minimalist vibe survives it to this year’s bursting color scene. Well, really, who wouldn’t love this art? This drawing represents the simplicity of life in just a few strokes.

Velvet Madness

We don’t know who started it, but velvet concept became one of the latest these days. You can have your velvet in everything- the sofa, pillowcase, bed sheets, carpets and many more. We can’t deny the fact that it literally feels good and at the same time, pleasing to the eye. The luxurious fabric can really shine in every living room for its softness and sophisticated look.

Handmade Textures

If you are not into rich pigment, you can still go with a little bit of minimalism with artisan textures. This handmade style give the instant natural vibe that we all love. From wicker, rattan and  macramé, this style can conquer your home with its simple touch. You can apply this to your cushion, lamps, wall hangings, chairs and many more.

Fancy Lampshade

Even if you don’t have a lampshade, this trend will make you want for one. Statement lampshade transforms your rooms in a snap. White and simple one faded away as printed and larger one enters the home decor scene. This kind of lampshade stands out, giving the room a bolder vibe that this year’s overall is aiming for.

Metallic Brass

Metallic accents is not news when it comes to interior designing. But, this year introduces us to the sophisticated Brass. The style proves to complement the bold colors easily than the last year’s trend of Rose Gold. The metallic finish of Brass offers luxurious feel in a stronger take. In addition, brass also goes well with the latest texture, greenery and statements artworks,

Before you apply this home trends, make sure that your house is in a good state. We don’t want you to waste money on decor in a home that is crumbling and aging. You can read here the top best home improvement loans that will surely ready your place for a makeover.

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