Keeping Your Furnished Basement Warm Round-The-Clock

Keeping Your Furnished Basement Warm Round-The-Clock

You don’t have to build an additional room before you can get more usable space. If you have a basement already, it is time to upgrade it. Not only will you get the needed space, but you will keep the footprint of your home intact. However, basements are usually located in humid regions of the home. Consequently, dampness and regular chills cannot be avoided. But they can be controlled. This is why you need heating and humidity control systems.

Floor finishes

A comfortable floor gives your finished basement a warm feeling all the time. While you may be tempted to opt for carpets, you have to consider moisture too. In humid regions, mould and mildew cannot be eschewed. If your carpet had moisture problems too, unpleasant odour and allergens are bound to be encountered. As a result, your health may be compromised.

Thus, it is important to consider sealing basement slabs. Also, underlayment does a great job in preventing moisture from forming underneath carpets. When there is heat in the finished basement, it seeps out through the ground; attacking the concrete. Extruded polystyrene is an insulating layer which prevents this from occurring.

Extending existing heat

Many homes come with a pre-installed heating system which uses forced-air. For additional heat, this ductwork can be extended into the finished basement. But you will require good hands to execute this. The reason is that many times, the registers are not adjusted appropriately. Therefore, the rooms above the finished basement end up having stale air and the basement, cold.

Heat sources are not limited to electrical wirings. Grates and furnaces are good choices too. They provide extra warmth which is very inexpensive. Other options are:

  • Gas fireplace – these are very easy to install in the home and offer clean burning.
  • Radiant heat in walls and ceilings – The most expensive of the above-listed is radiant heat. But it is also the most comfortable and inconvenient.
  • Electric baseboard heaters – they are not as expensive as a radiant heat source but incurs a high cost of operation. However, installation is cheap.
  • Wood burning stove – just like fireplaces, they offer cheap heat and beautiful ambiance.

Improved efficiency

By improving efficiency, the heat pumped into the basement will be felt as required. Due to this, double-paned windows should replace archaic single-paned types. Also, another great way to prevent heat from seeping through flooring is to add insulation. Drafts have to be prevented by ensuring that seals on basement openings (doors and windows) are intact.

Moisture reduction

The higher the moisture levels in the basement, the colder the basement. Even when everywhere in the home is excessive, be sure that humidity in the basement will not be compromised. Thus a chilly temperature is upstairs is extreme in the basement. Good news! Overall dampness can be reduced when a proper dehumidifying unit (such as a portable humidifier) is installed.

Comfort is one thing that shouldn’t be compromised when finishing your basement. All the steps mentioned above are certain ways to accomplish the goal of comfort.

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