Know how Aquaguard service center helpful in choosing best Aquaguard

Know how Aquaguard service center helpful in choosing best Aquaguard

In the market, there are very inexpensive filters and other costly ones. Although we always look for savings, in many cases, less can be more. In many websites, there are cheap water filters and “excellent” quality. You must be aware that most sellers will tell you miracles about your product, which may be right or lie. A specific method is to know the quality certifications and filter standards. At the moment of seeing it, it thoroughly investigates said filter, what its functions are, the materials, how it works, where it comes from, and above all, the guarantees. This will be a significant first step to know the quality of the product and avoid a waste of time and money. Each filter has a specific feature, so find out very well if the product you are about to buy will fulfil the function adequately. Aquaguard service number guides you more about it.

Keep in mind that buying an economical filter will be more expensive in the future, since there have been multiple failures in these products, such as:

  • Flavours and strange smells in the water.
  • False promises about the complete and efficient elimination of pollutants.
  • Problems at the time of installation. Either by plastics and connections of poor quality that do not fit with the taps.
  • Durability lower than what is promised in the package.
  • Water leaks due to cartridges and gums of dubious quality.

Look for water filter certifications

Most filters, decalcifies, ozone and purifiers have a quality certification. This certification is issued by one or several laboratories, which endorse the functionality and effectiveness of the product.

When buying the filter, the seller must have all this in their references: certificates, health permits, etc. All this documentation must be perfectly detailed in the description of the product or, to be informed previously to you by an employee of the establishment. You should also have contact numbers of the laboratories to call in case of any doubt.

If the filter you are about to buy does not have those characteristics, it is a warning signal that something is not right. It can be because the screen has not been approved by the competent authorities or has not passed the quality tests in the laboratory. The best thing about this is to discard them and opt for some other option that has such documentation. For more info call at Aquaguard service center.

Analyze your needs

The tap water is perfect for consumption and in most cases it is pure and clean water, although the chlorine used is not suitable for our body and the heavy metals and trihalomethanes are not visible to the naked eye and are very harmful to health. Of course, there are many cases where water has a higher hardness or comes with these and other pollutants that can worry us.

Depending on the area where you are, the water changes its composition, and you must analyze in detail what are the needs that a filter must fulfil for your home. In many occasions, it is not necessary, but if it is, you must acquire a product that is specified only for that.

If the water that reaches your house has a lot of lime, instead of buying a water filter, it is best to opt for a water softener. Also, if the water contains chlorine, lead, plastic, etc.

Compare the price-quantity factor of water

Water filters can become a real nightmare when it comes to maintenance. Depending on the product you have purchased, the manufacturer will say how often the cartridges or carbons that it has inside must be replaced, as well as the filtering capacity it supports before a change.

Having at hand all the data above, it is time to draw up accounts. It is essential that you analyze if you should invest every 6 or 12 months for the amount of water you are getting. Remember that in addition to paying the water bill, the cartridge or charcoal changes are not very cheap, so it is necessary to take all this into account when buying a filter.

Once you have compared this, including how much you need the filter or not, you can buy the one that best suits your needs and those of your family.

Take into account regular maintenance

This point is linked to the previous factor and although we do not only talk about money but health. It is essential that before buying a water filter, you are aware of the periodic maintenance Aquaguard service that this requires and that if not.

Remember that water filters expire and must be changed within a period no longer than 12 months or 1 year, inclusive, some filters need a change every 3 or 6 months. Some companies are responsible for taking control and in many cases; they send a technician to do the maintenance.


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