Modern Security Upgrades for Your Home

Modern Security Upgrades for Your Home

Protecting your home from intruders is needed more than ever today. With the worsening issues of theft and domestic violence in the U.S. alone, houses need a way to keep watch and record the house premises around the clock. Places around the house that need basic security include entry points such as doors and gates, windows, and rooms or closets with valuables and personal belongings. Locksmith service San Antonio has one of the best and most affordable security systems available in the state.

Upgrading your door locks, replacing old bolts, and adding new monitoring features are required for modern house protection. Below are modern security upgrades for your home:

Control Panel

The control panel is a centralized monitoring program where all security camera feeds around the house are received. You can view the house perimeter through the monitor of the program and check who’s on your doorstep. Another function of the control panel is administrative control over the security system of the house, such as alarms, wired door locks, or other security features.

Smart Lock

Installing a smart lock on your front door or main entrance has two key advantages in protecting your house: Firstly, it is a wireless lock that is conveniently accessible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or telecommunication; lastly, a smart lock can only be toggled with authorized smart devices or coded protocols or passwords.

Security Camera

A security camera is a piece of security equipment for many public establishments and suburban areas. It is useful for surveilling dark corners, monitoring indoor and outdoor activities, and recording security breaches. The idea of installing and maintaining several security cameras at home may sound ideal, but no security provider sells for a reasonable budget than the locksmith service in San Antonio.

Motion Sensor and Alarm

Motion sensors could be your best security feature at home. It acts as an invisible tripwire that usually sets off an alarm when something or someone passes through its path. Motion sensors can also send a security breach notification to local authorities or your security provider without alerting the unwanted guest. Other types of sensors include a vibration sensor and a glass break sensor.

Steel Door

Steel doors are used for trapping trespassers inside the property or room to prevent them from fleeing the scene. The door is programmed to lock instantly when a designated sensor is activated. The only disadvantage of locking an intruder in your house is the collateral damage of furniture, windows, and things that would be used for an attempted escape.

Prevent your house from opportunistic burglars with the locksmith service in San Antonio. With modern security upgrades, you can access security feeds remotely from anywhere in the globe where internet is available.


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