Painters and decorators in London

Painters and decorators in London

If you’re looking for professional painters and decorators south London way we suggest that you check out LD London Decorators. LD is comprised of a team of veteran, professional painters and decorators which operate in the areas of East and North London (ranging from Hackney to Crouch End, although certain areas above this span can be serviced too).

London Decorators and why should you consider them

Being some of the finest painters and decorators in north London, LD’s staff provides a wide array of services, including residential, commercial, event, spray finishing, and specialized paint jobs and decorations.

They pride themselves on being more cost-effective and proficient at what they do when compared to their competitors, but what makes them so good is their speed. Namely, when it comes to the project’s accuracy, London Decorators are always ensuring they deliver the highest quality work on time.  

If you need further information, feel free to check out their website, but make sure to not miss out on their online gallery – numerous paintings and decor pieces are displayed and are but a click away from you.

Also, this company is great if you are also looking for painters and decorators north London way.

Types of services London Decorators offer

The catalogue of LD services is comprised of residential, commercial, events, spray finishing, and specialized paintings and decorations. For further information, consult the list below:

  1. Residential – house paintings, floor and wall paintings with zero furniture damage
  2. Commercial – I.P.A.F. and C.I.S. registered office painting and decorations, business building paintings and decorations
  3. Events – Set design, building temporary structures, festivals, sandblasting, specialist finishing, wallpapering, deadline-based contracts
  4. Spray Finishing – Onsite and specialist spray booth paintings, commercial shops paintings, large ceilings decorations, carpark paintings, corporate events, lifts, toilets, joinery items, bespoke furniture, staging and set pieces decorations
  5. Specialized – domestic and event project decorations, detailed finishing, best-for-the-buck deals

Brymar Paint & Design

Another huge name in the painting & decoration department is Brymar’s Paint & Design. Owned by Bryan Markovich, the Brymar’s staff includes a team of seasoned painters and decorators who will get the job done.

They specialize in interior/exterior paint jobs, residential and commercial decorations, faux finishing, murals, drywall and stucco repairs, wall coverings, small renovations, colour and design consultations, and providing decorating ideas.

You can check out Brymar’s Paint & Design gallery here – there’s a plethora of versatile faux finishes, murals, staircases, doorways, wall coverings, as well as some exquisite special projects you don’t want to miss out on if you’re brainstorming for ideas.

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