Professional Removalist Vs. Friends: Who Should You Ask For Moving Help

Professional Removalist Vs. Friends: Who Should You Ask For Moving Help

Who should youcall for your moving needs? Is it your friends? Or is it the experts?

The good thing aboutprofessional trusted removalists Sydney to Queensland like Bill Removalists Sydney is that theyhave the necessary tools, equipment, knowledge and skills to help you have a seamless move. Nevertheless, getting some help from friends still remains as a popular option.

So how would you know it’s best to ask for your friend’s help or when it is time to seek for professional moving service?

Here are some things to consider.


If it is just a short distance, let say just a few miles away from your current home or just within the same town, then asking for friend’s help can be a good choice. But if it is a long distance haul, it is recommended to go for professional’s help. An insured and licensed removalist company can give a much stronger guarantee that your stuff and valuables will arrive to its destination safely and damaged free.


Although your friends may be able to help you move pretty quickly, it would generally take too much sweat. Trusted professional removalists, on the other hand can give you an assurance that the move will be made within the set timeline without the homeowner taking too much effort and sweat.

The Amount Of Stuff You Need To Move

For those who are living in a studio apartment, a 10-foot truck will be likely needed to accommodateevery thing that needs to be moved. While stuff from a two to three-bedroom house will likely need a 17-foot truck. Unless you are prepared to drive such a huge vehicle, just better leave the task to the professionals.

Moreover, the amount of stuff that needs to be moved also determines how huge of a job your move will be. Do you think your friends can help you lug multiple bedroom worth of furniture and heavy boxes? Or is it even safe to let them?


So assuming that you have a quite tight budget, you are tempted to do a DYI move. You might think that it is cheaper than hiring professionals. But then again you have to rent a truck to move your stuff and pay for the fuel and tolls.And if anything wrong happens while you’re on the road, you won’t be insured. Overall, the cost of a DIY move might be actually larger than hiring a professional Removalist service.

The Value That Your Stuff Holds

Would you trust your friends with valuable stuff, something sentimental for you, or something expensive and fragile? Sure they can help you in lifting your valuables around but the question is would they be able to do that without it getting damaged?  Experienced professional removalists Hurstville like Bill Removalists Sydney are usually trained to carefully pack, lift and transport valuable items.

So before deciding of who to ask for help, it pays to give it some thought first. Weigh the pros and cons to find out which will be best for you, not just in terms of money but also safety.

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