Reasons Why Plantation Shutters Matter

Reasons Why Plantation Shutters Matter

A plantation shutter is a stable and solid window covering that usually consists of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. Set in this frame could be solid panels, louvers, glass, fabric, and pretty much anything that could be mounted in the frame. Plantation shutters are safeguarding and attractive but could be expensive. The high price drives people away from plantation shutters. If you’re split between installing and not installing plantation shutters, you should know all about plantation shutters before you decide.


People who know all about plantation shutters would vouch for the fact that interior shutters look good. They are available in a range of finishes and sizes and mounting choices. A wood plantation shutter is a safe choice if solid interior design is a priority. They blend in with pretty much any décor, offering a cohesive and clean look throughout the house. You may paint the shutter white for a more conservative look or opt for natural stains. Plantation shutters can be seen from both within and outside your house. If your house’ exterior is dark, white shutters would not look that great. Stained plantation shutters would be a better choice.


Plantation shutters can be adjusted for privacy and let light enter the space. Also, the windows can be opened, air could be allowed to flow in, and shutters adjusted for ventilation – all this could be achieved without compromising privacy. While mini-blinds can help achieve the same, open windows usually pose an issue: rattling blinds courtesy the air flow. A solid plantation shutter would not face this issue.


Custom-made interior plantation shutters are solid and durable. Moreover, most of them come with warranty. As you would not have to replace the shutter every couple of years, the original investment would pay off with time. If you compute the shutters’ cost on an annual basis, you would discover they are much more cost-efficient compared to the costs of having to change window covers, such as mini-blinds or drapes periodically. Moreover, plantation shutters stay in vogue much longer.

Easy to Clean

Interior plantation shutters are pretty much maintenance-free. With just a damp cloth, you can wipe off the dust, grime, and dirt. Moreover, you will not have to uninstall them for cleaning like you would typically do with other kinds of window coverings. All you need to clean the shutter is a simple and easy wipe-down. The shutters come with a bigger surface area compared to mini-blinds, which make them a lot easier to clean.

Energy Savings

Shutters are solid at insulation and ideal for deflecting sunlight. With shutters installed, your energy bills would be lower. Moreover, you could get mechanical plantation shutters for windows or skylights that receive complete sunlight. These mechanical shutters would close and open automatically to prevent the sunshine from increasing the heat levels inside your house. During winters, the shutters offer an extra insulation layer.

Child Safety

Plantation shutters don’t come with dangling strings or cords that kids could get tangled in, which makes them a much safer option than drapes and mini-blinds. Families with babies and small kids need not worry about their kids getting strangled when there are shutters installed. The only downside to shutters is they can be easily closed and opened by kids. The design is such that kids would only have to reach up and pull or push the crossbar.

Preserves Furniture Life

Plantation shutters help preserve furniture and carpet life. You may leave plantation shutters in the semi-closed or upward position so that the sunlight could be directed away from the carpets and furniture. The sun’s UV rays could cause substances to fade with time, which could significantly hurt their useful lifespan and attractiveness. Besides fading, fabrics could degrade. When you shade your furniture, it would come good for long and stay durable and attractive for several years.

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