Spark Fires Latest Design Winners Are Right Around The Corner

Spark Fires Latest Design Winners Are Right Around The Corner

Spark Fires is now accepting entrants into their annual design contest and will soon be announcing the winners. Each year dozens of designers compete in challenging, yet creative designs that continually push the boundaries with what many think is possible with modern fireplace designs. Where you can place a gas fireplace nowadays is not limited to just one area. In fact, there are many different indoor and outdoor areas where that can incorporate a fireplace and take the design to the next level.

Last years winner did an outstanding job with showcasing the endless possibilities of fireplace design. From creating cozy and modern indoor designs to designing lavish outdoor bungalows – design functionality and creativity were manifested in ways that draw the eye towards the fireplace design. One of our gas fireplace for outdoors winners “Food, Fire & Water” created a stunning fireplace in the concrete wall of their above ground swimming pool. Just as we had thought we have seen all of the complex designs, we were once again in awe! Another winner, “A City Residence” from 2017, created a focal point by drawing attention to the mantle, with everything in the room blurring into the background.

Great architecture and functionality can be combined to create inviting and breathtaking spaces. Contemporary designs along with the signature orange glow of a Spark Fires modern fireplace creates a lavish yet inviting environment for those with discerning tastes.

Designs have the power to enhance a space, architecture, and even landscape to help to create a major whole new look and feel to a home. An outdoor or indoor gas fireplace can accentuate any look inside or outside your home. Modern designs find ways to bring together distinct spaces, combining design elements to create a single, cohesive space. Contact Spark Fires today to have your new, modern fireplace designed to impress all!

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