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7 Avoidable Leaks to Hot Water Tanks

The 7 Most Likely Reasons for your Leaking Hot Water Tank

Leaks are never a good thing. Whether you are referring to the air gradually escaping the tire of your bike or a secret message revealed to the news-hungry media, your life is better off minus the leak. It is especially true when it comes to hot water tanks. They are likely to have deadly results if not attended to right away. You can easily ignore a cold shower or the extremely long wait so that you can fill up your washing machine. Both pale in comparison to your tank’s gas leak that is undoubtedly an explosion in the making.

Whether there is a real leak or not, it is an excellent move to schedule regular inspections on your hot water tank conducted by a Strassenbau Plumbing licensed Edmonton specialist in the field. It is not only essential to check for leaks, but it is also imperative that you are familiar with the factors that result in a leak. It must be your top priority to fix and prevent these leaks from now on.

Only a hot water tank expert can provide you the actual reason for the leak. These are the usual offenders.


In reality, Edmonton hot water tank leaks are unavoidable. A tank’s component that has ceramic and rusts limit its lifespan to between 8 to 12 years. It is a great thing if you can maximize the life of your reliable water heater, but you have to start setting aside money for a brand-new tank as your existing one gets older. Buying a new tank is priced at around $800 on average. And it gets around $100 cheaper as each year passes, which is a good thing for you.


You seldom use the PRV, if it is utilized at all during the entire life of your Edmonton water heater. Since you rarely use it, it results in the buildup of sediment as the water is constantly being heated. Also, pressure can build up in your hot water tank. It leads to its valves opening and then releasing. But since a scale is present in a valve, it is not capable of fully closing which is the reason for the occurrence of leaks. You can continuously close and open the valve in an attempt to remove the grime. If it does not work, you have no choice but to replace it.


Another important valve is at the base of the hot water tank. It is useful in constantly draining water to get rid of sediments and other annoying buildups that can potentially obstruct the flow of water. Hence, it might result in the premature corrosion of your tank. This valve can also malfunction and start leaks secondary to a corroded washer, a gunk that disabled a valve that ends up preventing it from completely closing, or a bad gasket seal. Although you can carry out simple DIY plumbing in replacing this valve, you still need to call for an Edmonton hot water tank expert since it is hard to take off its threaded end. Also, you want to ensure that you install the replacement valve in proper fashion so that similar leaks will no longer be an issue in the future. Other important safety points to remember is to turn off the electricity and allow the heater to cool down first.


Even if a lot of the usual repairs on your Edmonton hot water tank can prolong its life, any damage to the hot water tank itself usually warrants a replacement. Another facet of your unit’s aging issue is the problem of corrosion. It hits the bottom of your tank the hardest and is not just rust and general wear and tear. Your tank can also suffer from sharp objects sticking out of the tank, either by accident or from a heater that has loosened up from its safe attachment that falls over. Sometimes, you can still patch things up and revive your tank, but at times, you have no choice but to buy an outright replacement somewhere down the line.


The usual site of leaks in a tank is at its bottom where most of the water lies. Most of the time, you will commonly see pools of water that is highly indicative of leaks. You’ll also see adjacent attachments at the top that can be another reason for the leak. It forces the water down the tank’s side or lets it pool at the top, which renders it not easily detectable. There are also several inlet and then outlet pipes that go at the top of your heater and threads in. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find out that the pipes are just loose and can easily be tightened back by the use of a wrench. It can be your lucky day. But then, there are times when there is a buildup of sediments on its threads that you need to remove and clean with a brushed wire. Occasionally, the pipe can burst. It is why you need to involve Edmonton hot water tank experts to do the job for you.


Water leaks are also related to valve problems, just like with your pressure release valve. It signals that the tank has a buildup of pressure and forces the water outside on whatever hole it can find. It happens to be an accompanying problem since a valve is supposed to release water by design. It is essential to prevent your heater from becoming a boiling water bomb. The high pressure is a by-product of a closed water system in your neighborhood. In short, water comes into your home but does not return to its supply source. Good thing though that newer and upgraded water meters can detect this problem, and remedied by the installation of a bladder kind expansion tank that lets the expansion of the high-pressure water. Installing this requires tapping into a pipe, so it is better if you let an Edmonton hot water tank expert to deal with this matter and save you from possible more problems.


The last problem an Edmonton homeowner might encounter with hot water tanks is not finding any leak at all. And this one is the easiest one to remedy too. You may see pools of water below the tank which might be the result of condensation from your home’s fairly cool utility room or basement. It can also be that your unit does not do its job, which is to release liquid when the pressure becomes unbearably hot. Inspect the entire tank for leaks. If you did not find any and you check that its pressure works at its set range, there might be no reason for you to worry at all. But if you want to allay your fears and sleep soundly at night, ask for the help of experienced Edmonton tank specialists to give your basement or utility room a thumbs up.

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