The Best Car Vacuums That You Can Purchase in The Market

The Best Car Vacuums That You Can Purchase in The Market

Vacuuming your car can be a hassle and it can be a problem, there are surfaces and areas that are hard to reach and there are surfaces with different types of dirt in them. These hard to reach areas deem as a challenge to most vacuum cleaners. There are situations that cordless vacuums, the small handheld ones, can do the cleaning job fast and they can do it thoroughly, but there are instances that even the larges and the most powerful vacuum cleaner and the industrial drum ones struggles to clean the surfaces and do its job properly.

Car vacuums come in different sizes and different types. There are the classic vacuums, the upright ones, that are incredible for flat surfaces such as floors, and those are the types of vacuums that we are all accustomed to, but they may not be suited for cars. Cars have hard to reach areas and corners and they even have gaps between the areas. There are canister vacuums, those with hoses attached to them, that are good choices for car vacuum cleaner because they have great suction and they are very powerful compared to the classic vacuum. The hose of the canister vacuum can reach several areas easily by using its tools, the crevice ones, and it can clean your car just by using the hose itself, if you use the strongest suction that there is.

There are upright vacuum cleaners great for home, but not much for cars, so if you wish to have one for your vehicle then you should consider purchasing a smaller and a cheaper vacuum cleaner that is great for cars, for houses and other places. You can also purchase a vacuum cleaner that has a hose attached to it as it is a great cleaning option.

There is also handheld vacuum that are popular car cleaning vacuums because they are small, and they are lightweight, and they have hose and crevice attached to them that is great for cleaning, and they also have those similar tools that you can attach so you can clean even the hard to reach places. These types of vacuums can be used in your car, at home, on a boat and other places that needs regular cleaning. The suction strength of these handheld vacuums depends on its model, and its power source.

With these being said, here are the best car vacuums that you can purchase in the market.

  • Metropolitan VM6BS500

This car vacuum cleaner got a perfect score at the recent suction test, which is why it is number one on the list. It can remove pet hairs, fallen hairs, skins and other things that fall in the surfaces of your car. It is effective at cleaning everything that is stubborn to clean as it is the problem of the other vacuums that did not pass the test. Because it is effective, it can save you time from cleaning your car. This vacuum is lightweight, and you can place it in your car trunk if you want to bring it when you travel. This vacuum is versatile, and it can even clean blinds, the stairs, your computer keys and other hard to reach areas around your car and around your house.

2.) Black and Deck Car Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner can be plugged into a wall, and it is more powerful it is done that way instead of plugging it into a cigarette lighter in your car, but the suction is still strong with this one. This cleaner can clean the pathway in your car and it can pick up all the stubborn hair and other debris in your car. It can be maneuvered easily, and it can reach even the farthest part of your car trunk. It is also best to use in your dashboard and you can replace the bag when it is full. It has a built-in nozzle and a crevice tool, thus making it easy to stow and it is small enough to place in any storage. You can also attach a hose in the vacuum to give it even more maneuverability.

3.) Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

This car vacuum can clear any mess that is in its way, and you can plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car. The power is a lot better when you plug it into a wall, but it can still work wonders in your car and in your house. The crevice tool is fold-down so you can get even the tightest of spots, the hoses can be maneuvered, and it is best to use when you want to vacuum under your car seat. The battery life is a bit of an issue with this one, but after charging it, it goes back to its beast mode. It is also great to use at home since it can reach the hard to reach areas.

4.) Armor All

This handheld vacuum is perfect for cars because it is small, and it is corded, and it has a 2HP motor power output. This vacuum includes a 10-foot plug in and an electric power cord and a hose that measures up to 6 feet. This is so that it can reach the hard to reach places in your car, including your trunk. You can also use this beneath the car seat and in your house.

5.) Bissell Cleanview

This handheld car vacuum is one of the best reviewed vacuums online. It has the best feedback from those who had already bought the product. It is a handheld; corded vacuum and it is lightweight with a 2 foot hose and a tool that is wide-mouth. This is perfect to use in hard to reach places and you can even bring it with you anywhere you go as it can fit perfectly in your trunk. You can use this at home too, especially if you want to vacuum your stairs, the floor under your bed, your furniture and even your computer keys.

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