The best ideas for decorating your room with sports posters

The best ideas for decorating your room with sports posters

Are you a great sports fan? Do you sleep and wake up with your favorite team always in your mind? Then you are one of us.

Do not get nervous!!Here you will find the best decoration ideas with posters & sports content that will make your room look like a stadium.

Let’s now see more in detail and decide according to your favorite sport which is the poster that best suits to your personal space.

Football posters

We always start from the king of sports, football. If football is your great love then choosing the right poster is an easy choice for you. Just decide if you want to place your favorite football player on the wall, hoping he will not change a football team or just hang the poster of your favorite football team which is a safer option. You can buy poster prints online, so as you are going to wake up in the morning, looking at Lionel Messy scoring for your favorite team, Barcelona. The only thing when ordering the poster is thinking about the size of it. Do you want it as a poster that will cover the entire wall or do you want it in a normal size? You are going to choose the size of it.

Basketball posters

If you like basketball more and you are not crazy about the idea of ​​converting your room into a football field, then chose to use poster with great athletes who have played basketball.

Are you an NBA fan? I honestly guessed it! So if you are a fan of American basketball fan then you are really lucky because there is a huge variety of retro, vintage posters and posters that are going to give your room a special style that will suits you the best. Choose posters with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Le Bron James, and other stars from this magic world!

If you prefer European basketball, then choose posters with the players that you consider as the top ones and who have played in Europe and do not forget to hang a big poster with your own favorite European player.

Do you prefer the classic sports?

Here things are simpler because there are no teams to put us in the difficult situation of what poster to choose. Just think of who your favorite athlete is and buy the perfect poster for your room. Is it Usain Bolt?

Of course, if you are an athlete then it is even better, cause you know all the first league athletes.

Formula 1 posters

This category of posters can also be addressed to older people as it is not so popular with our younger friends. If you are a fan of motor sport and Formula 1 in particular, then choose a poster with your favorite driver inside the track!

As with the NBA mentioned above, so in Formula 1, there is a huge variety of designs (retro, vintage, etc.) that allows you to make the perfect choice for your room or office! Of course there are other sports that are equally popular.


Who wouldn’t want to wake up watching Mohamed Ali fighting? The best and most popular boxer in the world has made many young people think about boxing and his ability is a reason to start your day with confidence.


Another poster worth decorating the walls of your room is the world of bathing. The top of all Michael Phelps in a poster in your room is a reason to start swimming. Also blue is a very loose and matching color in most room types.

Whatever you are going to choose, just be sure that those posters are going to make you feel confident, every single day that you are going to wake up and see all those great people.

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