The Many Different Features Of A Bidet

The Many Different Features Of A Bidet

Bidets come in different shapes, forms and sizes. Some of which are more functional than the others while some would consider this a bit too overwhelming for them. Too many buttons for a simple wash and go scenario.

Well, do not fret, because we are going to learn about standard features of bidets that you would come across and hopefully like. It will also help you learn how to use a bidet properly.

Heated Seats

Don’t you hate it when you go to the bathroom at night and have to suffer the most painful torture of warming your toilet seat with your buttocks? Well, in more popular kinds of bidets there is a feature that heats the toilet seat so that you can do your deed without any painful memories. Also, you might want to be careful with this seat because of how comfortable it gets. You might get right back to sleep then and there!

Spray Temperature

Everybody has their preferences. Whether they like warm water splashing against their bottom or can tolerate cold water having a swing at it, then the bidets most famous feature would be a thing for you. It sets the temperature of that water that will be sprayed to wash you clean. So you can enjoy maximum relaxation after your problem is solved.


Whether it would be in the form of a Remote or a Side panel, you would be amazed by the customization these buttons would bring. Aimed at flexibility and preferences of different people who use it. The control system of a bidet is to die for. You can set the bidet to clean you in a way that is comfortable for you. Also, another thing you should understand about the controls is that they also have different settings set for male and female. To know more about bidet controls, visit this link.

Air Dryers

Nobody enjoys the sticky and unpleasant feeling of a wet bottom. Standing alone with water down there makes a person squeamish and queasy. But you do not have to worry about that when your bidet has built-in Air dryers to ensure that the water is gone by the time you stand up. An essential feature when you are always in a hurry. Air dryers have been so sought after in bidets that companies try their best to add it even in their cheapest products. So you can be sure to have this feature wherever you look.


Another thing that the bidet has that nobody is complaining about is the built-in deodorizer that it has. It does not technically help your pooping adventures, but it helps you freshening up the toilet after use. No more waiting for minutes so that you wouldn’t get a sniff of the previous users nasty business. The deodorizer has your back.

Adjustable Pressure

Adjustable pressure is one of the most common features a bidet could have. It is the adjustable water pressure. It regulates this which pushes the water out. The lower the pressure, the smaller the water that would come out. Being able to adjust the pressure of the water that would wash the feces away is important because of the difference in sensitivity and reaction of people that use the bidet.

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