The Right Service and Right Pest Control Options for You

The Right Service and Right Pest Control Options for You

Household products sold in commerce pose significant health risks to the inhabitants of the house. 60 million consumers published a few months ago a study showing the extremely harmful effects on health and the environment, of most ingredients of household products. Specially for the proper pest control this is a very important matter.

So many reasons are there to make yourself very easily your own much healthier household products. One last reason they are extremely economical.


To avoid waste, replace paper towels, sponges and disposable wipes with rags. You can do them yourself by cutting squares of a fabric that you have recovered (old towel, t-shirt hole,). For windows, prefer micro-fibrecloths, particularly practical for this task.

Plastic is a particularly polluting material (in its manufacture and end of life) and fragile. So prefer other materials, wooden brooms, bucket and shovel in stainless steel, etc. Replace your sponges also with a version made in recycle and having a much longer life, made from tights holes. You can find plenty of them now in the market.Think of the opportunity to buy your equipment (brooms, bucket, vacuum cleaner,), Emmaus, Lebo coin, garage sale, etc., will be ideal places for greener and cheaper shopping.

In general, for your household equipment, always think recollection and minimalism (have little material, only simple and multi-use). For these kinds of works you would need the part time maid who would support you in every way. This is the best options that you can opt for and that is the reason the options are getting created more and more.


  • In the home-made (cosmetics, cooking, cleaning etc.), always go to the simplest. Take only easy recipes, with simple ingredients to find and few.
  • To clean your entire house, you only need 4 ingredients: Marseille soap, white vinegar, baking soda and lemon essential oilthat are it.
  • White vinegar can be bought in an organic shop or supermarket, in the oils and vinegars department, and costs around 1 € per litter.
  • The baking soda is in organic shop, household department (or salt and pepper, for food bicarbonate – it is the same product but more cleaned in its manufacture and therefore slightly more expensive) organic shops or supermarkets, or in a drug store.
  • Essential oils are in pharmacies or organic shops. Always take them organic and guaranteed “100% essential oil”.
  1. Soil cleaner: Mix 1/2 bucket of warm / hot water with 1 glass of white vinegar and a few drops of lemon essential oil (optional: for its smell and its disinfectant property).
  1. Multipurpose cleaner (worktops, bathroom, kitchen, tables,): Fill a spray bottle half with water and half with white vinegar. Optional: add a few drops of lemon essential oil. This mixture can be kept for several months.
  1. Multipurpose cleaner (2nd recipe, made by recovering citrus skins). Do not discard your orange, lemon, grapefruit or clementine skins; turn them into a natural cleanser. To see the recipe very simple and fun, here is the article “An all-purpose disinfectant cleaner home made with citrus scents”.
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