The Wonder Houses Around Seal Beach!

The Wonder Houses Around Seal Beach!

Seal Beach has always been an eminent place for the mesmerizing beaches, topmost restaurants, and shopping centers. The city attracts tourists for its walkable and welcoming environment. The city’s natural setting is charming including the beautiful beaches and Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. If you are planning your vacation, you will love to see these wonderful houses around.

Waterfront Lighthouse

Hovering on the top of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, this 1882 lighthouse is known for its contemporary interior. The outdoor décor has been left untouched taking you to the bygone era of perilous seafaring among the strays and islands of this picturesque spot.

SoCal Water Tower

Among many Seal Beach homes for sale, this is one of the most renowned beachfront landmarks in California. The 85-feet tall tower offers a captivating beach escape for up to seven people. The top-most floor living room offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding area including the ocean. The entire structure is lavishly decorated. Not only it will let you feast on the perfect facilities but also you will enjoy the breathtaking views. The SoCal Water Tower has four bedrooms and bathrooms.

Hawaiian Cliff House

In this modern home, you might feel yourself on the edge of the world. This complete concrete structure is balanced on Kehena Point. It is located near to Hawaii’s famed black-sand beaches. The idiosyncratic symmetrical windows offer infinite vantage points from where you can have a beautiful view of Pacific. The Cliff House sleeps four with two bedrooms and bathrooms. Also, it comes with a nearby lava flow viewing site, just a few minutes’ drive.

Grecian Grave House

There is a lot about this Grecian Grave House offering Mediterranean escape. This is definitely a soothing treat! The cherished rental offers guests incredible water views and a simple, pastoral environment. The cave has two bedrooms with all entertainment facilities such as Wi-Fi, outdoor Jacuzzi, and a fully functional kitchen to make sure you always stay relaxed.

English Channel Radio Tower

This famous tower was built in the Second World War by German Conquering Forces. This is a six-story radio tower on the island of Jersey. The charming tower serves both as an idiosyncratic landmark and a notable vantage point. The tower is restored in a contemporary style featuring three bedrooms and bathrooms. What’s more? The top-floor is simply an iconic lighthouse with a mesmerizing 360-degree view.

Chilean Boat House

Chilean Boat House is constructed from stone and wood. The beachfront property looks pretty similar to an overturned boat above the Pacific Ocean. Outside this unique house, you can enjoy a BBQ, a hot tub, or play in a tennis court. It provides you access to a small beach with a natural freshwater pond. The boathouse has four bedrooms and three bathrooms accommodating up to eight guests.

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