Things Every Homeowner Should Consider When Installing a Fire Pit

Things Every Homeowner Should Consider When Installing a Fire Pit

Fire pits make a great addition to any landscape. The soft crackle of fire during chilly nights creates the best ambiance. Especially if you want to unwind from the daily stresses of life. These days, achieving that cozy outdoor space with a fire pit is easier than ever. They abound in different styles, sizes, and materials so you can virtually find whatever kind of fire pit you prefer. But before you go imagining those warm moonlit night, here are some things you ought to consider first.

DIY or not?

When it comes to home improvement projects, many homeowners prefer doing things by themselves. Depending on your skills and available tools, you’re free to build your own pit from scratch. It’ll be harder than buying, but as you long as you can commit to the act, there’s no stopping you. Before you do that though, take note of the restrictions set by your municipality regarding the project. Permits may be needed.

On the other hand, if you have zero aptitude for building, just hire an outdoor fire pit contractor Los Angeles to do the job for you. It may cost a bit more, but you’re assured of a professional service.

Consider the Cost

Like with any project, you should consider the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Don’t hope for a thousand-buck fire pit if you don’t have the budget. Cheap fire pits don’t necessarily mean it’s bad in quality. Depending on how you install it and what materials you used, you can create a simple and functional fire pit at around $200.

Determine Your Fire Pit Type

Before you buy or create your own fire pit, you should consider what type you want. Do you prefer the classic wood-burning pits for an authentic campfire vibe? Do you prefer copper fire pits, which are very durable? Do you prefer fire bowls, which are very cheap? Or do you prefer ceramic fire pits which are very easy to maintain? Each type of fire pit has their own pros and cons. Before buying consider doing your research and decide base on what fits most with your space and budget.

Permanent or Portable?

Aside from the type, you should also consider the design or style of the fire pit. Do you want it to be permanent and be the focal point of your outdoor space? Or do you want it to be portable? A built-in fire pit is a great option for those who want to designate a fixed point in their yard. A portable one, on the other hand, is a great option for those who love tailgating and camping.

Fire Pit Location

Lastly, before investing in your fire pit consider the location. That’s because, fire pits, if not properly positioned can be a safety hazard. The minimum requirement for most communities is a 20-ft distance away from our house and other structures. Besides the distance, we should also consider the terrain and if it complements our overall outdoor space.

If you’re interested in having high-quality fire pits, Pacific Outdoor Living can help you. They offer a wide range of fire pit styles and designs that will surely enhance your outdoor space.

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