Tips for Kitchen Designing

Tips for Kitchen Designing

Having a kitchen is one thing, but making sure the kitchen is properly designed with the right kitchen tools positioned in their right places is another thing. The following are fundamental kitchen design tips for designing your kitchen.

#1: Make provision for storage

According to Jacqui, a female interior designer, the worst mistake most people make, is not making room for enough storage. Make use of all nook and cranny. Ensure that all overhead cabinets are placed right up on the ceiling, rather than keeping a space that attracts dust. For easier access to pans and pot, you can consider deep down drawers. And also keep enough storage for appliances that can confuse countertops.

#2: Think ahead

According to interior designer, Jacqui Hargrove “whenever you are redesigning a kitchen, put function first.” According to her, there is no ideal kitchen state. Even if it is a “U” or “L” shaped or a gallery, make plans for the fridge, sink, and cooktop to create a triangular, with a maximum of 6 feet between each of them for ease during movement.

#3: Space and surface

No such thing as kitchen counter space exist. Select a surface that you can care for and work on easily. But always remember that grout between tiles are very hard to maintain and the stainless steel can easily get scratched.

#4: Safety First

Ensure your kitchen is family friendly and as safe as possible. This can be done by making plans for perfect visibility to indoor play areas, and backyards from where the cooking is being carried out. We recommend  for a good and quality knowledge on kitchen safety. You can as well consider some safety-conscious elements such as slip resistant flooring, rounded countertops, and ovens placed on adult height, to reduce the possibilities of any unexpected burns.

#5: Look out below

Consider ease of porosity and maintenance, and also slip resistance. For example, you may need to reseal on a periodic basis. If that’s the case, make enquires of how often you need a resealing, and also think about the process, whether you want to deal with it or not. Hardwood floors look awesome but know that they wear out much faster when close to the sink, fridge, and stove, unlike other areas. A naturally hard stone works perfectly, and it’s feel, and earthy like look is well known.

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