Waterfall Faucets—Enjoy A Relaxed Shower Of Cascading Waters

Waterfall Faucets—Enjoy A Relaxed Shower Of Cascading Waters

Bathroom design trends today tend more towards being sophisticated in style and minimalistic in design. With comfort, functionality and style, all three gaining priority when it comes to a choice of faucets, waterfall faucets are becoming quite popular.

In fact the use of the waterfall type of faucet makes for a nice change from the old-fashioned knobs, levers or the traditional basin. Even though these faucets have been around for some time, it is its modern innovative style coupled with its relaxed output that is making this a permanent fixture in many a home today.

Upgraded to having a glass plate design which makes for an interesting addition to the bathroom décor, the whole concept appears to be quite a mysterious addition at first with:

  • The angled glass tray hanging a few inches above the sink,’
  • The tray being held by a sloping cylinder which is quite long and
  • There is a metal rod sticking out from the middle of the plate.

The metal rod is actually the lever that operates this faucet and when this lever is shifted, the water gushes out of the glass plate and falls into the sink literally like a waterfall. This relaxed effect of the cascading waterfall can be especially felt when the waterfall shower faucet is used to have a bath after a particularly taxing day.

There are many different design options that can be chosen from like the spout faucets which add a rustic look to the whole system of this faucet. In fact there is a wide choice of finish for these faucets too which range from pewter to brass and even plated nickel, thus making them traditional beauty additions to the bathrooms where they are installed. Available both in styles which are contemporary and classic, this faucet creates quite an interesting and rare combination along with the sink.

The relaxed ambience created by the cascading water from these beautiful looking faucets makes people wash the day’s grime and sweat in a relaxed atmosphere thereby enjoying every moment of the shower. This faucet is a rarity that is also able to simulate the feeling of taking a bath in the rain but from the comfort of the bathroom.

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