What Is so Different About Dekton?

What Is so Different About Dekton?

The name might suggest that it some type of advanced engineering, yet the Dekton worktops have firm roots in Natural Quartz. The best way to describe this product is quartz that has superpowers! The process of manufacturing involves something known as sintered-particle technology. This is a process that compacts the stones far greater than it would ever be possible in its natural environment. So, beginning from an extremely natural point, the end product arrives at something that is just about indestructible.

A Lot More Possibilities

The worktops constructed out of Dekton materials are customisable to match up to any specification. This material which is technologically enhanced is produced from bigger slabs than the naturally cut and mined stones like marble or granite. They are ideal for kitchen islands of larger sizes.

The surfaces can also be sleeker and thinner than the natural stones, that achieves an ultra-modern appeal. The designs that require seams when using the natural-stone slabs, often result in an entire countertop installation that has no visible seams. This creates a flawless appearance which is extremely attractive. The fitment of these products is also easier than the natural stones, as these slabs weigh less.

Outdoor Use

The Dekton surfaces are compressed and resin bonded to a far greater extent compared to the natural metamorphic processes. This offers the advantage of making these materials highly UV resistant. If you are interested in creating a stunning outdoor barbecue or kitchen area, this stone comes highly recommended. These surfaces also have the ability to withstand sub-zero and torrential Great British Winters and will always emerge flawless and prepared to serve you for the next Great British Summer. This is the type of surface that requires no maintenance.


Dekton products are so resilient and strong that it is advisable that you always use a chopping board to keep your knives protected. These surfaces come in either a polished or matte finish, with both carrying the very same intense compressed process which results in the strength of this material. For a kitchen that is always busy and placed under consistent pressure, you can forget about ever having to worry again about any impacts that are caused accidentally from general family life.

Resistant to Everything

Production processes of Dekton lower porosity of the materials. These surfaces are so compact, which means they are free from absorbent properties. It is in this way that water, heat, liquids and household chemicals that usually stain will not present any further problems. For a hygienic bathroom that still maintains an inviting and relaxing atmosphere, Dekton is the ideal choice. With such low porosity, water will not penetrate the surfaces. In addition, the requirement of using abrasive cleaners will also be lowered, and your bathroom will become a stress-free and relaxing area of the home, with minimal cleaning required.

No Maintenance

When a customer is interested in stone for their worktop surfaces, we understand that durability is usually high up on their priority list. However, even the natural hardy surfaces like marble and granite require sealing when they are installed. Over, the long-term, the natural stones benefit from resealing processes in order to restore their vibrancy. “When it comes to Dekton, there is no need for refinishing or resurfacing,” says Zen Kuchen, a kitchen worktop installation company in London.

A Wide Array of Choices

Like quartz, Dekton comes in many grains and hues. Appearances of the materials offer a uniformity that is the same as quartz, along with an increase in vibrancy and clarity over the long run. As the product is manufactured, you are guaranteed of the graining extent that you receive upon installation of your product. This will mean that the kitchen design for your project remains consistent when it comes to both small and large spaces. Additionally, it is a lot simpler to create cutting-edge designs that feature slabs with contrasting tones, when it comes to areas like a splash back, kitchen island or worktop. Uniformity associated with the appearance of these materials allows the interior designers to produce more creative options with this stone type.


Of course, these superpowers are associated with a specific price tag. Yet the prices are still comparable to the other types of stone surfaces. The fact that this product is regarded as a once in a lifetime purchase, that sustains it function and attractiveness indefinitely, the overall costs are definitely worth it.

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