What is the Definition and Functions of Modern Interior Designing

What is the Definition and Functions of Modern Interior Designing

The art and science of interior designing are often confused with many related aspects like between decorating, architecture etc. Most homeowners consider interior designing as interior decoration whereas they are tow independent streams. In order to give a brief and precise understanding between the decorating and interior designing, an interior designer can effectively decorate a space whereas a decorator cannot design an interior. Similarly, though interior designing, and architecture are to independent stream but they are so much interlinked that an architect’s architecture would not be complete if he or she does not consider the interior designing as part of architecture, and an interior designers cannot start the interior designing if he or she does not have the architectural knowledge of the structure. Contact the best interior designers in Lipari Design to play a key role in your architectural as well as interior designing work in your home or office.

The modern interior designing refers to the modern art movement of interior designing of your home or one of the spaces in your home. There are plenty of designs or characteristics in the modern interior designing which normally rejects the traditional interior designing components like gothic, Victorian, renaissance etc. and styles and eventually accepted a few associated themes. Some of the common and popular modern interior designing themes or characteristics are clean and straight line, use of metal, minimalism, lack of clutter, bold accent colour etc.

The modern interior designs developed with the concept of the antithesis of the previous and traditional interior designs which generally used heavy texture, woodworks, and carvings everywhere in the home. Eventually, most modern interior designing incorporated clean and straight lines in all the elements beginning from the shape of the rooms to furniture. However, the modern interior designing happens to be slightly different than the contemporary designing that uses curves and sweeping lines whereas modern design uses sharper and crisper lines and they are very spare.

The modern interior designing use different types like mission style, shaker and art deco. Similarly, spare furnishings are considered an important part of modern interior designing. There are various components of furnishing in modern interior designing like oversized tiles with rectified edges, shelves and bookcases instead of protruding into space, sanded wood floors, open floor with few walls etc. Use of metal is another important characteristic of modern interior designing. Metals such as chrome and stainless steel are commonly and popularly used in modern interior designing.     

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