Which Rugs Suit Wooden Flooring Best? Go Contemporary… Go Persian

Which Rugs Suit Wooden Flooring Best? Go Contemporary… Go Persian

Persian rugs have been around probably as long as hardwood floors. Hard to know what came first, somewhat of the chicken and the egg scenario? In this way, they are a timeless combination. When it comes to softening your step and bringing warmth to into the home, as well as adding a design accent that has withstood the test of time, Persian carpets have little competition. Within contemporary design they are considered to be among the best carpets made in the world: As has been the case for many centuries.

What are Persian Carpets Considered Superior?

Persian rugs are also known as Iranian rugs simply because Persia (now Iran) is where this particular style of textile evolved. In Iran the making of Persian rugs is considered to be an art form: When you understand the patience and skill needed to achieve the complexity of many of the designs that is very easy to understand. This is an art form that has been part of Persian/ Iranian culture for centuries. While rug-making is an integrated part of many cultures worldwide, it is the quality and complexity of the motifs and design that make Persian rugs stand out above all others – Designs originating from the royal courts of the Persian empire setting the precedence from the sixteenth century until now.

Not Just a Rug

For those who really want to make a style statement there is little to match a Persian rug. When you buy one of these you are not simply purchasing ‘floor covering’. You are buying an artwork that’s creation reflects centuries of Persian culture: Particularly if you opt for vintage. Just like any quality work of art, it is immune from fleeting trends and will continue to be stylish and artistically revered for many years to come. Indeed, many people consider a Persian rug as an heirloom – A valued addition to the family that can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Know the Difference

Today, there are many styles of rug that slip into the ‘oriental rug’ category. Generally speaking, this phrase is used to describe any rug that was manufactured in the Middle East and Asia, or indeed looks as if it was. The same can be said for Persian rugs. A Persian rug is not always made in Iran. However, if it follows the same methods of fabrication and design details it can and often will be labelled a Persian rug.

A Vintage or contemporary Persian rug is an investment. Finding the perfect rug to suit your wooden floors can take time and might even seem a little confusing with so many different styles available. However, there are professionals at hand to help you. With their tips and suggestions you will discover the world of Persian carpets is an exciting one. Not all important decisions have to be tedious! Contact us today or browse our website and take that first important step to making a sound investment.  

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