Wind Scorpions and How to Get Rid Of Them from Your Home

Wind Scorpions and How to Get Rid Of Them from Your Home

The name wind scorpion often gets people confused as they expect to be dealing with actual scorpions which is not the case. As a resident of Arizona, it is common to hear about the pests as they are common in the region and there are always lots of rumors and myths about them. The primary habitat of wind scorpions is in arid to desert regions, which is why they are much common in Arizona. However, as with all other pests, there is nothing too unusual about them and professionals have taken the time to study and discover the most efficient ways of controlling them.

Wind scorpions belong to a group known as solifugae which is related to both scorpions and spiders which is why they are also referred to as sun spider and camel spider. Their generic body shape resembles that of a spider, but their legs and jaw-like pincers take after the scorpion. Combined with the fact that they have some hair, these pests are everything to describe scary and as confusing as their name. When fully matured they can be one ¾ inches long which makes them a guest you never want to meet in your home at any moment.

There are a lot of myths about camel spiders ranging from how high they can jump and that their stings are extremely venomous. Studies have proven these to be incorrect as they lack the ability to produce venom and their scorpion-like pincers are mainly to aid them in hunting as they eat other insects. They will sting a human when they feel threatened, and while there could be some bits of pain, it is never a medical threat. Still, in most instances, they will look for somewhere to hide rather than attack a human as they can move really fast compared to other spiders.

Since they do not build nests as spiders which are the giveaway sign of a spider infestation, they can mostly be discovered at night when they come out of their hiding spots to hunt. They love staying under rock piles, debris, basements, and small cracks in the house where they will be safe from any disturbance. They also like hiding in the sand is often a suitable spot for the female to hatch eggs which they always protect until they hatch. Once they find themselves in a house and can easily find food, they will make that there territory and continues growing in number.

While came spiders are good for the environment, they do not deserve to be in your house, and it is always necessary to have an intensive elimination technique. Responsible Pest Control saves you from having to try methods that will not offer lasting results and instead give you the chance to let seasoned experts handle the menace. Since they are good at hiding, experienced pest exterminators will reach to areas you never thought off and ensure they get rid of the entire colony. They will also ensure that you get to take protective measures by sealing your home to avoid the possibilities of having another re-infestation.

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