Window Shades That Add a Modern Flair To Your Home

Window Shades That Add a Modern Flair To Your Home

Window shades come in a surprising variety of designs and materials. However, if you favor a modern design in your home then some shade styles seem out of place. Thankfully, there are plenty of modern designs—several of which will save you money in the long run.

Solar Shades

These pull-down style shades come in varying degrees of opacity while still allowing you to see the outdoors–making solar shades New York perfect for mountain or city views. The tradeoff, however, is privacy; others can see inside your house just as easily as you can see out. These sleek, modern shades help to insulate the house during summer and can disappear into a cassette when you don’t want them down.

Roller Shades

With a similar minimalistic pull-down style, roller shades have the advantage of coming in a variety of fabrics. This allows you to control opacity and add texture if you wish. You can hide the roller behind a cassette, allowing the shades to disappear when not in use. The downside is that roller shades will not insulate your windows like some of the other shades on this list.

Honeycomb Shades

These shades also lack a cord and thus have a more minimalist appearance; they are ridged rather than flat, however. Honeycomb shades provide privacy and they’re huge money savers, insulating against outside temperatures in winter and summer. The tradeoff is that they can look like paper rather than fabric, which can work well in some designs but is a turn-off for some homeowners.

Bamboo Shades

Their versatility allows these shades to fit into many different home designs, from modern to traditional. While they won’t insulate your windows and are visible when raised, they add privacy, texture and natural wood tones while minimizing direct sunlight, allowing it to filter through the slats.

Shades can serve a number of purposes, from privacy to darkening rooms or saving money, but they can sometimes seem out of place. It is possible, however, to find shades that fit your practical priorities and add to–or even play a key feature in–the design of your home.

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