Winners of the Site-Specific 10 Contest

Winners of the Site-Specific 10 Contest

For their 10th Annual Design Competition, Spark Modern Fires has announced John A. Chipman as the Grand Prize Winner of their Site Specific 10 Contest, this being the tenth year of the contest. With his attentiveness to detail, he created a spectacular Fire Ribbon Vent Free Vu Thru modern fireplace in the town of Harbert, Michigan. His entry titled “Modernist Woodland Retreat” was inspired by the town’s dramatic woodland scenery with its pristine, tranquil environment.

The extraordinary lakefront Michigan property will take your breath away with beautifully preserved and aged oak trees combined with smooth, leaning beech trees. The grounds create a unique transition against the home’s exterior glass systems and 100-year-old reclaimed Chicago brick. This resulted in the absolute perfect setting for one of Spark Fires indoor modern fireplace designs.

The fireplace was created with raw materials that paired perfectly with Michigan scenery, to make anyone feel at home. With the help of a local steel fabricator, they were able to raise the fireplace with a series of bent raw Corten Steel panels. Atop of the panels sat an intricate yet unique vent thru raw wooden fireplace, with glass windows exposing the wooden exterior that seemed to extend for miles.

The fireplace had the perfect wooden hue that created the ultimate focal point for the room. Modern fixtures from couches to plants and art surrounded the fireplace. The entire room was lit with the enticing and welcoming orange glow that is the signature flame from Spark Fire’s indoor gas fireplaces. Even if you are not a Michigan native, the custom wooden fireplace invited plenty of light into the room with a unique wooden backdrop that is sure to make any visitors feel right at home!

Be sure to check out all of the entries that placed in this year’s contest as well as seeing if a Spark fireplace is right for you by visiting the website.

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